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Sundays | 8:30AM & 10:30AM
Wednesdays | 6:30PM


Life is just better together.

Life Groups are a place to meet people, experience community, and grow spiritually. Groups consist of 6-12 people who meet once a week on campus, in homes or via an online platform around a common interest or stage of life.

The new semester starts on Sunday, April 16th. Sign-ups start on Sunday, April 16th.

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ANYONE - Adult Volleyball
ANYONE - All Scripture Connected
ANYONE - All Scripture Connected (Online)
ANYONE - Bible Boot Camp 2.0
ANYONE - Book of Hebrews
ANYONE - Christian American Patriot
ANYONE - Closer to Jesus
ANYONE - Dancing for Jesus
ANYONE - End Times - Minor Prophets
ANYONE - Fellowship with Friends
ANYONE - Financial Peace University
ANYONE - Fire Starters
ANYONE - Intercessory Prayer
ANYONE - Jewish Roots
ANYONE - Journey With Friends
ANYONE - Knitting/Crocheting for Missions
ANYONE - Living A Life of Fire
ANYONE - Living for Eternity
ANYONE - Living Life Cornerstone Style
ANYONE - Outreach Center
ANYONE - Pass the Bread
ANYONE - Return to Mayberry
ANYONE - Sparkling Gems -- Vol. 2
ANYONE - Temple Bootcamp
ANYONE - The Awe of God
ANYONE - The Beginning of Wisdom
ANYONE - Warriors for the Cause
ANYONE - Woodruff's LifeGroup
ANYONE - Young at Heart
MARRIAGE/FAMILY - Fostering Families
MARRIAGE/FAMILY - Grace Mama (Tuesday)
MARRIAGE/FAMILY - Grace Mama (Wednesday)
MARRIAGE/FAMILY - Protect Your Marriage
MEN - Apostle's Creed
MEN - Kingdom Men
MEN - Wednesday Morning Men
PRIMELIFE - Drake Life Group
PRIMELIFE - Gathering Group
PRIMELIFE - Healthy Living for Seniors
PRIMELIFE - Widow's Might
SUPPORT/RECOVERY - Beyond Recovery
WOMEN - a Woman of Excellence (Single Moms)
WOMEN - At Your Own Pace
WOMEN - Coffee Break with God
WOMEN - Ladies Group
WOMEN - Living Beyond Yourself
WOMEN - SONflowers
WOMEN - Women of Influence
YOUNG ADULTS - Young Adults