PrimeLife is comprised of anyone who is 50+ or who is already a grandparent.  Within the PrimeLife Department we have activities with opportunities of spiritual enrichment, fellowship and fun.  PrimeLife also offers The Gathering where we meet together to fellowship and sing favorite hymns, campmeeting and revival music.  The Gathering happens every Sunday morning in the Student Center 10-10:30AM.

We have trips throughout the year and many other opportunities for fellowship, spiritual growth, as well as health and wellness information sessions and activities.

This is the prime time in your life for you to join together with God's people to labor in this great harvest of souls that God has given us and for you to find that place where you are filled to overflowing with His strength and joy for the journey.

The Gathering

EVERY Sunday morning from 10-10:30AM in the Student Center is The Gathering.  It's just that: a gathering together for an inspirational piece of revival that can carry you through the rest of your week. We come together for a time of praise and worship--the room resonates with the singing of hymns, southern gospel songs and camp meeting favorites.  We have designed the timeframe of The Gathering to fit your needs, whether you go to the 8:30AM or 10:30AM worship service.  It is a wonderful time of fellowship and an opportunity to meet some of the greatest people in Cornerstone Nashville, as well as to get connected in a Life Group, because we have to tell you...there's life in our group!  The Student Center is located on the 2nd level Commons Area.


Stories from Some PrimeLife Members

  • Rita has been coming to Cornerstone Nashville for six years, but only as a spectator.  She took a trip with PrimeLife and her life changed.  She is now doing life with her church family and there is a joy within her that had been missing for many years.
  • Kenneth is a man who came to Cornerstone periodically and sat in the tiered seating, but never was involved.  He began coming to The Gathering and has met friends and experiences the richness of fellowship each week. 
  • Ronnie would not visit Cornerstone Nashville Worship services because the size of the congregation was overwhelming to him.  His entry point to the church was a PrimeLife trip and then The Gathering.  These first steps led him to the Worship Center where he now loves to go and hear Pastor’s sermons. 

If you have questions or want to get involved in PrimeLife please send us an email. One of the PrimeLife team members will contact you with more information.