Sandy Sterban

Sandy Sterban Associate Pastor for Counseling

Pastor Sandy Sterban is a longtime member of the pastoral staff of Cornerstone Nashville.  For more than twenty years, she has been teaching the truth of the Word of God unashamedly and with boldness born of her own personal victories over oppression and her desire to see all of God's people live in the fullness of the Spirit. As a licensed and ordained minister, Pastor Sandy has been involved in pastoral care, the ministry of teaching, and currently, the counseling at Cornerstone.  She is the mother of three sons, grandmother of six and a great-grandmother to one--all of whom she is just wild about.  She enjoys walking in the sunshine, loves reading, good restaurants and watching her family grow.  Her ministry of truth always brings the right Word in the right season as she pursues her passion to equip people longing to be free.  A gifted counselor and woman of faith, Pastor Sandy continues to inspire and give lasting guidance to every believer.

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