As a parent of a student here in the Cornerstone Youth, we would love it if you got involved too!! You are officially invited to come and volunteer at one of our events like Summer Camp, all-night events, Laser Tag… the list goes on and on. All we need for you to do is fill out an Adult/ Chaperone form and get it back to the youth department here at the church and decide which fun-filled activity you want to experience. Who knows…you might have so much fun that you will want to be on the full-time youth staff. Trust me– I have seen it happen. I know what you think:  “I can hardly contain my own teenager, much less hundreds.” But once you go on a trip with us, you will never be the same. Hopefully, that will be a good thing. Take the time to fill out either our Adult/Chaperone form or a Full-time Adult Youth Staff application and turn it in to us at the Youth Booth.

Parents, if your child is going to go on any event with us, they will need a current Cornerstone Youth Medical Release Form filled out and turned into the youth office. Please take the time to fill one out for each child you have that might go on any event with us here in the Cornerstone Youth.

After dealing with teenagers for a few years now, I realize that raising a teenager to be a strong Christian in an obviously non-Christian environment can be a tough gig. The cool thing is that God knew you and had all this planned out from the beginning. He chose you to raise the next generation of godly influencers in our society. There is no better counselor for your children than you. We are here to help, and if you need anything from us, please don’t hesitate to call and set up an appointment with Pastor Matthew Wharton at 615-865-6655.

Cornerstone Youth Chaperone Application
Cornerstone Youth Scholarship Form
Cornerstone Youth Medical Release Form