The Cornerstone Nashville Campus Today


God is accomplishing great things through Cornerstone Nashville. But the church is not just a building. The church is the people who come together with a common purpose and vision. Our prayer is that God will reveal to you the part you will play in this amazing story of Cornerstone Nashville!


Numbers are not the measure of any church’s success. But sometimes, numbers can represent the ongoing impact of a church’s commitment to reach the world with God’s love. Cornerstone Nashville has made an impact at home and around the world in the last 25 years, reflected in the following milestones.


$20,348,321  Given to Missions

18,757  Personal Salvations

2,000+ Churches Planted plus Orphanages, Schools and

Bible Colleges Built or Repaired


 Our Journey

1983–In April of 1983, a visionary group of 104 believers gathered at the home of Ralph and Shirley Kidd for what would be the beginning of the journey of a lifetime. What started as a time of enjoying fellowship and food together became the launching pad for Cornerstone Church. The District Superintendent of the Assemblies of God, Rev. Gene Jackson, was there that day. He shared with those gathered about some land he had purchased which already had a tabernacle on it. He offered to let the fledgling church begin meeting there. Sister Mattie King, Shirley Kidd’s mother, gave the first building fund gift of one hundred dollars that night so that the church would one day have a building of its own. She lived on a very small fixed income, but wanted to be a part of what God was doing and knew that her needs would be met as she gave sacrificially for God’s house.



1983–Cornerstone Church acquired a 21-acre campground, complete with a stone tabernacle, a church building and other structures; and the first Sunday morning worship service was held in the newly purchased church building on July 10, 1983.


1991–Rev. Gene Jackson, District Superintendent of the Tennessee District of the Assemblies

of God, recommended to Michael Wharton and the advisory council of the church that they invite Maury Davis to minister at Cornerstone. Pastor Maury Davis preached his first sermon at Cornerstone Church on January 30, 1991, and was voted in as pastor the following weekend with almost 250 in attendance.


1991–Just a few months after Pastor Maury Davis led the congregation in improvements to the facilities, both interior and exterior, the church building was struck by lightning and damaged by fire. Services were immediately moved to the stone tabernacle. The next six months were spent renovating the tabernacle, including the addition of carpet, the stage, bathrooms, nurseries and a balcony. The average Sunday morning attendance in 1991 was 364.


1993–The stone tabernacle served the growing congregation well for church services, but the need soon arose for space for Christian education, fellowship and offices. In 1993, the first building project was completed, giving Cornerstone Church offices, classrooms and multi-purpose rooms for the growing congregation.


1995–Completed in 1995, the gym/family life center was added to the campus, providing much needed children’s and youth classrooms upstairs. Eventually, the congregation would begin to gather in the gym for Sunday services on a regular basis.


1998–Explosive growth in attendance resulted in scheduling three Sunday morning services and two Sunday evening services in order to accommodate the crowds. Each service, the sidewalks outside the gym were lined with streams of people waiting to enter for worship.  The average Sunday morning attendance had grown from 364 in 1991 to 1,400 people by the end of the year 1998.   A groundbreaking for a new sanctuary intensified the excitement.


2000–The new sanctuary was completed. Cornerstone was now averaging over 1,600 people on Sunday mornings, more than 950 on Sunday evenings, and over 1,000 on Wednesday nights.


2006–The Education Building was completed—a  three-story building of 30,000 square feet with adult education classrooms, a daycare area which housed a state-licensed Christian Preschool for infants and Pre-K children, and Nashville’s largest indoor, two-story playground.


2010–Cornerstone Church purchased adjoining acreage behind the campus, bringing the total campus size to 40 acres.


2012–With average attendance again approaching new highs, plans for expansion began. A new children’s building, a state-of-the-art youth building, and an expanded lobby/gathering area attached to the current worship facility, plus more convenient and accessible transit for people is explored. Cornerstone Nashville was IN PURSUIT of more room to continue loving God and loving people to the fullest.


Throughout the years, Cornerstone has produced some of the most respected and well attended events in the city of Nashville and surrounding area.  Illustrated sermons have become much-anticipated, featuring animals from the local zoo to the plains of Africa, dancing from hip hop to ballet, aerial and trapeze artists, dramatic elements, lighting and spectacular theatrical effects.  An indoor rodeo, complete with bulls, cowboys, bull riders in competition and fireworks was presented inside the worship center to overflow crowds on five nights in 2009.  The Memorial Day Celebrations each year have been a display of patriotism unrivaled in the area. Easter productions such as The Thorn have brought many into this place as the greatest story ever told has come to life.  Cornerstone’s annual Christmas production is a Nashville favorite, and the Independence Day Celebrations feature the largest indoor fireworks show in Middle Tennessee.  Some of the best and most renowned guest speakers have graced the pulpit throughout the years, in addition to the regular preaching of Pastor Maury Davis whose testimony has brought the hope of Jesus Christ to many.  Thousands have walked through the doors to be inspired, entertained and ultimately changed by the message of truth always presented.


Even more important than the special events that have drawn thousands to this house of worship, are the many points of outreach that have originated from these grounds.  Whether a Second Saturday outreach where the church puts its arms around the community to show the love of Jesus Christ in an authentic way or whether simply resupplying food items for the food pantry, the love of God is being extended from this place.  Through training and teaching going forth in the halls of these buildings, prepared servants and leaders with a passion for the lost are taking the heart and hands of Cornerstone Nashville to the farthest regions of the world—Kenya, Tanzania, India, Russia, South America, to name a few.


 2015—The project is completed for the three-story, 30,000 square-foot facility with massive children’s areas for all ages, superior technology for the most engaging ministry, meeting rooms and dressing rooms, connection areas with expanded lobby features for building community, escalators and elevators for easy transit, a beautiful rock baptismal pool in the lower commons area, and an updated administrative floor. A fully updated student center auditorium and gym now offers state-of-the-art lighting and staging for ministry and services each week. Every inch of classroom, workspace, hallway and meeting room has been refreshed and renewed.


Training children, challenging youth, and building great people in every generation, Cornerstone Nashville serves no greater purpose than to enable each one to reach and influence others to run the ultimate race and gain the prize of eternal life.  Attracting and winning the hearts of our neighborhoods, our cities and beyond, Cornerstone Nashville is a church that is now fully renovated and prepared for the generation being raised up that will continue loving God and loving people to the ends of the earth.


Cornerstone Nashville services are at 8:20AM and 10:30AM every Sunday morning. An average of 3,600 attend the weekend services plus hundreds of online campus viewers and thousands more experience the ministry through Sunday regional television broadcasts at 10:30AM on Nashville’s NewsChannel 2.