PrimeLife consists of  anyone who is 50 years of age or older or a grandparent.  Our get-togethers provide spiritual and personal enrichment, connections, and service opportunities.  Come and be a part of one of the greatest departments at Cornerstone.

The Gathering

 Every Sunday morning at 9:45AM, our PrimeLife gather together in the Choir Room for a time of praise and worship; singing hymns, southern gospel songs and camp meeting favorites followed by a study of the Word of God. It is a wonderful time of fellowship and opportunity to meet some of the greatest people in Cornerstone Church, as well as get connected in a Life Group.


8/18 - Wilson County Fair Senior Day
Meet at the Church - 3PM-9PM

8/22 - Potluck
Gym – 6:30PM-9PM

9/21-9/24 - PrimeLife Camp Meeting

9/29-10/8 - New England Coastline Trip

10/24 - Potluck
Gym – 6:30PM-9PM

11/14 - Christmas Village, Nashville
Meet at the Church - 10AM-5PM

12/12 - Holiday Banquet
Gym - 6:30PM-9PM

For more information, email Pastor Deeanna Wall at