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Sunday Night Classes


Ephesians: The Maturing of the Saints

Danny Johnson

Join me as we explore the book of Ephesians. A few of the topics we will be studying are the blessings of redemption, how we are made alive in Christ, and the revelation and mission of Paul. Ephesians is one of my favorite books of the Bible! I hope you will join me as we learn who we are in Christ.


Single Truth for Single Living

Brad Smith

This class will explore the joys and opportunities of being single while wrestling with some the challenges and struggles of living as a Christian single when desiring marriage. 


A New Testament Journey

Bob Keich

New to your Christian faith? Has your faith become stale? The Bible is a valuable tool in your personal development with God.  This class will guide you on a journey to engage the New Testament in practical ways and assist you in making application to your daily walk through every book.  


The Manifestations of the Holy Spirit

Sandy Sterban

One of my favorite lessons to teach is the nine manifestations of the Holy Spirit. The majority of the body of Christ has no idea what the Bible means when it talks about the gift of faith or the working of miracles, so they don’t recognize when the Lord is moving and in what way He is moving. Join me as I make a complicated subject easier to understand. We’ll learn to distinguish between the working of miracles and the gifts of healing, what happens when you see into another realm, and more. The Bible has all the answers.


Living by the Book

Randy Stoecker

In Luke 21:33, Jesus says, "Heaven and earth shall pass away: but my words shall not pass away."

Since the Word is so valuable to Christ, it should be valuable to us! In this study we will discover how there is nothing in our lives that the Word cannot direct us through. The Bible is a road map, a counselor, a protector and a guide for everything we will face. Join us on this journey as we learn how to apply the Word to every situation, find the Scriptures we need for comfort and direction, and make the Word our base for living and decision-making.