Sunday Night Classes
January - March

The 16 Fundamental Truths - MC 201A
Terry Martin

Join us as we study The 16 Fundamental Truths, which are the sixteen doctrinal statements that the Assemblies of God (AG) holds to be true. These statements include the AG's stance on the Bible, the baptism of the Holy Spirit, the role of the Church, and more. We'll study the Scriptural basis of each of these truths. If you desire a strong biblical basis for your beliefs, this class will aid you in being able to understand and explain why you believe what you believe.

The Books of Hebrews & James - MC 201B
Joe Butler

Together we'll explore the New Testament books of Hebrews and James. Discover how Jesus Christ is revealed in Hebrews and how to strengthen your faith through the book of James. Let your life be transformed as we uncover the truths in God's Word.

Spiritual Disciplines - MC 203
Don & Patti Herron

Spiritual disciplines such as prayer, fasting, study, and meditating on Scripture are often forgotten in our Christian walk, but they are paramount to growing in our faith. Join us as we explore what the various disciplines are, why they are crucial to us as believers, and how Jesus exhibited spiritual disciplines in His life. If you're ready to go to the "next level" in your faith, we'd love for you to join us!

The "Ins and Outs" of Social Media - MC202A
Jack Scalfani

Do you want to maximize the use of social media in your life or business? In this class, we'll explore computer and Internet technology as well as several social media platforms. Using social media and technology can aid you in connecting with people of all ages and walks of life in a healthy, Godly way. No prior knowledge or experience of social media and technology is required to learn and benefit from this class.

Transformed: A Temple Fit for His Worship - MC 202B
Moren Adenubi

"The Bible tells us that we are temples of the Holy Spirit, yet many Christians struggle in the area of taking care of their bodies. So many of us who wrestle with overeating or making poor health choices walk around feeling defeated, sick, and restricted. It is time to be set free and live a life for God's glory!"

Next Step - Hearth Room
Pastor Galen Davis

The Next Step classes provide an opportunity to learn the history of Cornerstone Nashville, Cornerstone’s core beliefs, how to discover your God-given gifts, and how you can serve God’s people at Cornerstone Nashville. These classes are offered to those who would like more information about Cornerstone and to those who are interested in joining and serving at Cornerstone Nashville.