Prayer is a central tenet of our Christian faith. It is how we share the most intimate relationship with God the Father. The Cornerstone community prays for each other, our corporate needs and the needs of our community and nation. If you would like our team to pray for you or a loved one, please call the Church Office at 615-865-6655.

The InFocus Prayer Team ministers to people who watch our InFocus Television program that airs on NewsChannel 5 in the Middle Tennessee – Southern Kentucky area. On Sunday morning, as our program is aired, people from all over Tennessee, Southern Kentucky and North Alabama will call the prayer line requesting prayer for their family members and friends. The prayer request may be for salvation or for a loved one who needs healing in their body. Many people feel that God cannot help them in their situation. Our prayer partners not only pray for them but assure them God is not finished with them.

To be involved in the InFocus prayer team, you must have completed the Next Step foundation class. If you would like to join the prayer team, call the Church Office at 615-865-6655. One of the prayer team staff or volunteers will give you more information.

Prayer Partner Testimonies:

Praying with and for people for the InFocus program continually develops my own personal prayer life. I now pray with more boldness and confidence. I now pray more often and with anyone who wants to pray with me, especially my husband and children. I’ve learned to pray God’s Word and understand the concept of intersession better. Because of this, not only am I serving those who call in with needs, I’m also getting needs met in my own life that might not have otherwise been met because my prayer life in general has been enhanced. God set things up on earth expecting us to pray His Will be done down here. I’m doing it better all the time as my confidence continues to build praying with others. - Mindy Evans


As a member of the prayer partner team, I’ve had the extreme honor of praying with people who are calling from their homes, hospitals, or wherever for a variety of needs. They call about everything from family and financial situations to health challenges and the need for personal salvation. One of the sweetest moments I will always remember, though, came when a mom called to pray for salvation. As we prayed, I heard someone else talking in the background. The mom then explained that as she was repeating the salvation prayer after me, her two small children were repeating the prayer after her. So when we were finished praying, the children got on the phone and thanked me for praying with them and their mom. The whole family came to Jesus with just one phone call. - Kim Poteet