We understand that security is very important to you. We have taken the following steps in both the security of data that is transmitted across the internet and also the personal information that is stored in our databases.

1) We use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology to securely transfer your information across the internet to us. This technology encrypts the information you provide so it’s nearly impossible for anyone other than Cornerstone Church to read it. This technology is used whenever confidential information, such as your bank account number, is transmitted.

2) We use the highest industry standard for online security, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption, to secure your online sessions. This process safeguards your session from intruders.

3) The Web application also encrypts sensitive data to conceal your personal identity.


Access to your profile first requires that you authenticate through our secure Login Profile system. This is accomplished by entering your unique login and password.

Please help us keep your information safe, protect your login information. Access to sensitive personal and financial information can be gained by letting someone else use your account or by leaving the information for someone else to see. Cornerstone Church will never call you and ask you for your login information. Consider the following when asked for personal information:

Two things you should know concerning Identity Theft:

1) Phishing is a high-tech scam that uses spam or pop-up messages to deceive you into disclosing your bank account information, passwords, or other sensitive information.

2) Spoofing is pretending to be something it is not, whether an email, website, etc




We use the state-of-the-art firewall protection which places safeguards between internet and local data storage. Additionally, every secure page on our Web site has been certified and noted with a digital certificate. This is shown through the “site certificate” that is resident on all secure pages. To view this certificate, please click on the image of the closed lock on the bottom bar of your browser window.

We have also taken another step towards insuring your privacy by providing an Automatic Log Out process as a safety precaution. The site will end your session after several minutes of inactivity and your secured session will be terminated for you.


Software & Browser Requirements

Operating Systems: Microsoft® Windows 2000, XP and Vista
Browsers: Microsoft® Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher, Firefox
Cookies: Like many other sites, we use a technology called “cookies.” A cookie is an element of data that a Web site can send to your browser, which will be stored on your system. A cookie does not retrieve any data from your hard drive, carry computer viruses, or capture your e-mail address. Our Web site requires that you accept all cookies in order for the Web site features and security mechanisms to function fully. Once you terminate the browser application or “log off” our site, this session cookie will be deleted from your computer. Cookies must be enabled on the end user’s browser to enable proper functionality.