Our Most Asked Questions

Is it safe to give online?

Yes.  In many ways giving online is safer than writing a check in that an electronic gift cannot be lost or stolen.


What types of bank accounts can I give from?

You can give online from either your checking or savings account.


Why can’t I give with my credit card?

Cornerstone has carefully and cautiously decided not to allow gifts to the church to be charged on a credit card.  Although many people pay their credit cards off each month, many also struggle in this area.  We felt that it was not right to potentially put someone in the position of going into debt and paying interest on gifts given to the church.


Are there any fees involved with giving online?

No.  You will not pay any fees with an online gift.  In addition, online gifts are a more cost efficient way for the church to process donations.


Can I make a one-time contribution?

Yes.  The system allows you the option of either making a one-time contribution or setting up a recurring contribution that is scheduled to come out of your bank account at dates specified by you during the month. If I want to set up a recurring gift, what are my options for frequency of my gift?

For recurring gifts, you have the option of giving weekly, twice a month, every two weeks or once a month.


Can I change my personal information or the amount or the frequency of my gift once I have set it up?

Yes.  You can change or cancel your contribution at any time before the date of your next contribution.  Simply log in to the system using your user name and password and make the necessary changes in the system. (Please keep in mind that, per IRS regulations, once a gift has been made to the church it cannot be refunded.)


Can I review my donation history online?



Will I still receive regular contribution statements from the church?

Yes.  The church will continue to send contribution statements to your address on file for tax purposes.


When will contributions be taken from my account?

Contributions will be taken from your specified bank account within 48 business hours of the date you requested.  This time frame allows time for the contribution to process through your bank and the church’s bank.  If the date of your contribution falls on a weekend or a holiday, the transaction will be initiated on the next banking day.


How will I know that I set up my gift correctly?

Immediately after setting up your contribution, you will receive an e-mail.


Does it matter which internet browser I use?

The online giving program was designed to work most effectively on the Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox browser.