The Café will be open as follows:


Monday:  CLOSED

Tuesday:  8AM to 2PM

Wednesday:  8AM to 7PM

Thursday:  8AM to 7PM

Friday:  8AM to 5PM

Saturday:  2PM to 5PM

Second Saturday: 8AM to 12PM / 2PM to 5PM

Sunday:  7AM to 5PM


Variety of breakfast food items available $1.50 - $4

Black Coffee                                       $1.75

Hot Tea                                             $1.75

Iced Coffee                                        $1.75

Specialty Coffees                               $4

Cokes, water, etc.                              $1.50 - 1.75

Chips, cookies                                   $1

Cake Slices                                       $4

Muffins                                             $3

Wraps                                              $6

Paninis                                             $6