C-kids is Cornerstone Children’s Ministry for children ages six weeks through fifth grade. This ministry is designed to lay a foundation of God’s Word into each child’s life so that they know who they are through Jesus Christ. Our highly committed and disciplined staff members are trained in the most current teaching methods and acceptable practices used for each specific age group. These methods address all the different ways that children learn, including auditory, tactile, visual and kinesthetic.

First, we understand that church for children must be fun and attractive, filled with appropriate games and activities. Secondly, it must be fast-paced and engaging, so their attention can be captured. Lastly, the message must be filled with the truth of God’s Word which transforms and edifies. Our purpose is to ensure that each child has the opportunity to fully learn about God and who He is and that He has a specific plan for their life. Our goal is that each child would be saved by grace through faith and that each would be empowered to live a beautiful and victorious life in His service.

For more information, email amoore@CornerstoneNashville.org