Week 119 with Pastor Davis

Questions Being Answered This Week
1. How do you know when you hear form God..I tried out for something, thinking God wanted me to do it, but it backfired on me…do leaders make mistakes?
2. Which version of the Bible should we have in our home & what’s the easiest to read?
3. What do you think & what does the Bible think of organ donation?
4. I’m a single, 49, never married woman. I would like to get married soon, do you think that is possible and what steps do I need to take to be desirable/eligible for a man?
5. Is it possible that being transgender is a legitimate physical/emotional situation? A kind of birth defect? Or is it just a lie from the devil to deceive and blind a person.
Week 118 with Pastor Davis

Questions Being Answered This Week
1. I was reading the Bible this morning where Jesus laid hands on people, and they were immediately healed. Why don’t we see much healing today in the church?
2. Does the Church have a prayer group for A.A. members?
3. My mother and I have always been close, but recently I found out her boyfriend was married. When I said I won’t have anything to do with their relationship, she says I’m judgmental and wants nothing to do with me. So should I honor her, regardless of her willfully sinful life? Or should we part ways?
4. A friend told me she would not ever come to Cornerstone again because of his viewpoint/judgment of gays and lesbians. I told her he welcomes all children of God and that God will judge them, not Pastor Davis. What is his policy on this subject?
Week 117 with Pastor Davis

Questions Being Answered This Week
1. I would like to know what Cornerstone’s official position is on the Freemasons?
2. What does the Bible say about tattoos and piercings? What are your feelings on the subject?
3. A guy said to me: “Convince me of Christ. I don’t believe in religion. I don’t believe in Christianity or any other religion. Make me believe.” What do you say? I can tell he just wants to be saved and be convinced that its right but how?
4. What does the Bible say about marijuana?
5. Do you believe you must be baptized to be saved?
Week 116 with Pastor Davis

Questions Being Answered This Week
1. I have a question about Matthew ch 6 (16-18) where it talks about fasting. How should I go about applying fasting in my life and how often?
2. In order to become involved in the church, possibly even membership, would I first need to become a Pentacostal?
3. The Dept. of Justice has labeled evangelicals as terrorists. How long will the church keep silent?
4. I have 2 friends who came to me with loved ones suffering from cancer. Both friends lost their loved ones to cancer. How do I make sense of this? God’s Word teaches healing. And they spoke scripture and prayed scripture over their loved ones, but they still died.
5. I just recently lost my dad. How can coming to church help me grieve?
Week 115 with Pastor Davis

Questions Being Answered This Week
1. What is the significance of communion. Is it important, and if so, why?
2. If God is perfect and heaven is perfect, how was there a rebellion with several angles? Why did God allow Satan into the garden after kicking him from heaven? What keeps this from happening again?
3. I want to find a good starting place to study the Bible. Please direct me if you can.
4. After your spouse dies, and you pray, pray and pray for God to heal your heart and you don’t know what to do, what am I doing wrong?
5. Why should I believe in God when He won’t talk to me?
Week 114 with Pastor Davis

Questions Being Answered This Week
1. Who was the Elvis on your show?
2. Why don’t we sing more of the time proven songs? The “new” songs remind me of cannibals dancing around dinner singing the same catch phrase over and over until they are worked up into a frenzy! Besides hardly anyone knows the tune! Bring back the gold standard!
3. At what point are we able to recognize demonic possession from psychiatric conditions? What scriptures are pertinent to those with mental illness?
4. My name is Pastor Micah Marshal I am from Pennsylvania. Recently we had a couple from our church travel down to visit your church. While they were there attending a weekend service a comment was made about the Assemblies of God denomination. Calling them “Bunch of Idiots.” I was just curious why a comment was made about the assemblies of God from the pulpit calling “us” (me being a young assemblies of God pastor) idiots?
Week 113 with Pastor Davis

Questions Being Answered This Week
1. I am a mother of 2 girls, I don’t know where to turn. I am in an abusive relationship and want so badly to get out, I have very little Family and they really can’t help me. I’m struggling to keep sanity. My Husband has been verbally, mentally and physically abusive, which has led me to turn to alcohol to run away. I don’t want my children to have to live this way, I need help to get my children and myself out of this situation, I don’t know what to do anymore.
2. I met you at the trauma ward of Vanderbilt as you were getting off the elevator. Thank you so much for taking the time to ask why I was there, to ask my son’s name and to tell me you would be praying for him. My question for you is, do you know of a good criminal defense attorney?
3. I am having a hard time praying for President Obama and his administration. Can you please tell me how to pray for him as well as be respectful while yet sharply disagreeing with him and his anti-American and anti-Biblical policies?
4. Our family is new to the area. Our questions are as follows: 1. We are both divorced and remarried will this be held against us in the church and the guidelines of the church? 2. Do you dedicate children or infant baptize in this church? 3. What does it take to become a member of the church?
Week 112 with Pastor Davis

Questions Being Answered This Week
1. I did not take my son to church and now he is dead. I had been praying for him but is there anyway my prayers will help him be saved and relieve my worries and guilt. We had just begun talking about go to church. It was not his fault that I didn’t raise him in a church.
2. In reference to the two men that you called down for prayer that were going into the military and one only showed up. You referred to that one missing should die. Why do you make “Jokes” like that? I did not think it was funny.
3. If a Christian has a mental illness and during this illness commits suicide, do they go to heaven or hell?
4. What does the symbol of the half moons represent, I’m assuming in the church logo?
Week 111 with Pastor Davis

Questions Being Answered This Week
1. Do you do weddings, and if so how much do you charge?
2. I also noticed in this weeks you said that it is ok to have the first day of the week as the Sabbath. God says to obey all the 10 commandments and the Sabbath day is not on the first day of the week. It is on the 7th day. The Sabbath day was changed to the first day of the week back in I believe in the year 364 to honor the sun god and the doctrines of the Catholic Church. What is your thoughts?
3. Dear Pastor Davis: Several months ago, you preached a message about marriage, divorce and remarriage. I cannot remember the title nor the correct date, but I would love to see it again and/or get the notes from it.
4. Do you have any books in print?
Week 110 with Pastor Davis

Questions Being Answered This Week
1. Is there an Assembly of God church in the Louisville, KY area?
2. Without looking it up, who cut Sampson’s hair?
3. Does Cornerstone offer any kind of Christian counseling? I have a 14 year old son who is going through a lot of emotional torment, and I need to find some type of Christian-based counseling for him. If not, can you recommend anywhere to find help?
4. In Sunday school we were studying Jonah. Was Jonah dead inside the fish? Several in our church said he was. I am unable to find anything in the Bible stating that as fact.
Week 109 with Pastor Davis

Questions Being Answered This Week
1. What is the best way to stop cursing?
2. Can someone remarry an ex, if the current spouse dies? Is there a verse in Scripture that shows this?
3. If the love of money is ” the root of all evil,” and since we all are still dealing with evil in our hearts and lives, then does this mean we all need deliverance from the love of money, that likely hides, in our hearts?
4. With video games, more specifically RPG (roll playing games), what makes one inherently good and the other inherently evil? Is it a matter of fantasy vs. realism, good vs. evil, occult vs. symbolism? What is too much and what is acceptable? Where do you draw the line?
5. Pastor, I’m having a test of faith in my walk. How do I get him (the devil) off of my back even for a minute?
6. As a Christian I have been asked to share my testimony. I feel really embarrassed about sharing it sometimes. When I don’t share it, is that a sin?
Week 108 with Pastor Davis

Questions Being Answered This Week
1. If you believe in Jesus, and Jesus as well as God loves all His children…why do you hate Muslims and you continue?
2. Will we know each other in heaven? Also, if people we know don’t make it to heaven will we know they are in hell and will those in hell know each other and know those loved ones that made it to heaven?
3. Sometimes when thinking about eternity, or existing forever as a spiritual being, I get really scared. Is this normal? How can I obtain a peace that will take that feeling away?
4. What kinds of music to you regularly listen to, and what are your favorite television shows?
5. I attend a Catholic college. Next week we discuss contraception in our ethics class. Our instructor, very Catholic, is very adamant regarding contraceptives, hence his 7 children. What is a reasonable argument for the use of contraceptives in marriage?
6. Do the scriptures, concerning people being blinded to the truth in the latter days, explain why so-called God fearing people vote for politicians and parties that support abominable causes which are in direct violation of church teachings?
Week 107 with Pastor Davis

Questions Being Answered This Week
1. In one of your Ask the Pastor segments a viewer asked for a recommendation for a church to attend in Houston, TX. One of the churches you mentioned was Lakewood – Joel Osteen’s church. He seems to have a very passive faith, doesn’t want to offend, does not firmly hold to the Christian belief of Jesus being the one and only way to heaven. I’m curious why you recommended his church, if that is still your opinion and your opinion on Joel’s teachings.
2. Two Christians disagree on this topic – One says Christians should support laws that promote Christian values in government and society, ie banning homosexual marriage. The other says the best way to reach people is not to “force our values on others” or “condemn their actions” by passing such laws, but rather “Just keep being their friend in all ways including sharing the truth and praying for them.” What is your opinion?
3. For many years I lived a very wrong life. I have given my life back to the Lord but I have lost friends, my boyfriend, some family. They say there is something wrong with me, that I’m not myself anymore. Is it me? Have I turned into a Jesus Freak? Do I scare them because they are still sitting in the dark? I don’t want to be in sin anymore because that life was no good and something, a strong feeling, just keeps telling me to go to the Lord.
4. Why can’t we have 2 different services. One more traditional for the older people and one more contemporary for the younger people?
5. I have recently moved to the DC metro area, specifically Fairfax, VA. Do you have any suggestions for a church up here?
6. Does Cornerstone now have any organized associated informal classes to address preparedness and survival in the face of great crisis and turmoil? If not, would Cornerstone consider developing such a program?
Week 106 with Pastor Davis

Questions Being Answered This Week
1. Who were or are the sons of God mentioned in the Bible?
2. I’m constantly bewildered by Christians who socially drink just like non-Christians. I have a friend that thinks because Jesus drank and as long as she’s not drunk, it’s fine. Where are those scriptures and how can I help them understand this is wrong?
3. In 2 John, we are COMMANDED to walk in love & to love one another; however, the final line of the fourth paragraph, it says “if anyone comes to you and does not bring this teaching, do not take him into your house or welcome him. Anyone who welcomes him, shares in his wicked work.” Then it tells us to SAVE these PEOPLE in Jude? We live NEXT DOOR to an athiest and an agnostic guy! Are we supposed to ignore that?
4. How do you get your young adult to church and to know the Lord, if you have not set the example?
5. Could the LORD save everyone if He wanted to? If we say “No” we oppose the scriptures as “NOTHING is impossible with the Lord.” If we answer, “Yes”, then why is He not saving more than He apparently is? I would be interested in your answer.
6. Who does God favor more? The man who lives a godly life, but does not believe in Jesus as his Savior? Or the man who has been baptized but does live a godly life? Does God have grace and mercy for both? Favor for both?
7. What is God’s plan of salvation?
Week 105 with Pastor Davis

Questions Being Answered This Week
1. Pastor, how do you feel about pursuing and issue in court when you are being forced to pay money from an ex spouses debt?
2. How do you get over loneliness? Does God still have a purpose for my life even after I’ve been out of church for so many years? Where do I fit in?
3. Matthew 25:31-46 (the judgement) Jesus separates the sheep from the goats. Does this mean we should do for everyone or just who the spirit leads us to help?
4. You speak of going through the jail using the toilet brush to encourage the inmates to come to church services. When are you going to do a sermon titled, “Toilet Brush Evangelism?”
5. How do you feel about women teaching Bible studies when they are not the head of the household?
6. If God puts someone on your hear to pray about, and this person is constantly on your hear and mind, how much time should you spend in prayer for this person?
7. I am wanting to know how to have faith…

Week 104 with Pastor Davis

Questions Being Answered This Week
1. Do you have to give a reason for EVERYTHING YOU’VE DONE WRONG, even though you’re saved?
2. In your first message of the new year, you talk about leaving the past the right way. If you feel led to leave a place, what is the right way?
3. My 12 year old son has/is accomplishing and doing many things both seen and unseen. He asked if feeling good about what he is doing and taking pride in it is a sin? Can you please help me explain how pride is a sin?
4. There’s this website, www.GenesisVeracityFoundation.com. My questions are if it is LEGITIMATE, and if they tell the TRUTH?
5. What do you think about “reike,” also known as a japenese spiritual healing technique?
Week 103 with Pastor Davis

Questions Being Answered This Week
1. What would be an example of the “clean” beast that were taken onto the ark by sevens and the “not clean” that were taken by twos?
2. I get very upset at those who belittle our beliefs as Christians. I find myself standing right up to them and in no uncertain terms let them know I am on the side of Jesus and nothing they can say or do will change my point of view. Is this a sin? Should I turn the other cheek?
3. Why does the church symbol look like two crescent moons? What is this symbol supposed to represent?
4. Do we have any marriage conferences scheduled? Is it possible for Cornerstone to host one?
5. If a person is “saved” superficially, and is unaware that he or she is doing anything wrong, is that person remembered when they die?

Week 102 with Pastor Davis

Questions Being Answered This Week
1. Do you preach on sin?
2. I am 52 years old and have been called to spread God’s Word. How do I become an ordained minister?
3. Do you have any tattoos, and if so how many?
4. What do you think about having a pantomime ministry?
5. What is the best way to approach someone to share the gospel or to evangelize to?

Week 101 with Pastor Davis

Questions Being Answered This Week
1. What do you think about the Daniel Fast? Is there a lot of spiritual emphasis on it or is that what they believed in the Old Testament, and is that for people today? Could you explain a little?
2. Attending a church today in Manila, where their site says “We also embrace and adopt the Nicene Creed of AD325 and Chalcedon Creed of AD451.” What is this and do we do it?
3. After reading Numbers 22, why was God angry with Balaam for going with the princes when God told him he could rise up and go with them?
4. I am 37 years old, and my life has been a one step forward, two steps backward life. I am having doubts that I can ever be stable and living a Godly life. How can I achieve these things at my age, when all my bad decisions have me in such a rut?
5. I’m looking for a new church, and I feel the pastors at our church are not supportive to my son. We tried reaching out for help regarding spiritual battle, but they ignored us. My son still likes it there, but I feel different. Your church seems to draw me. What is your advice?
Week 100 with Pastor Davis

Questions Being Answered This Week
1. If you have been married eight times to seven men, married one twice and then turned your life around, I want to know if it is a sin to marry again? I’ve been told by another denomination that I have to live the rest of my life alone and that it is a sin to marry again.
2. I’ve been doing a little study about Zebulun and his inheritance and the inheritances of the other tribes. I’ve noticed something missing in many article, namely the time period that Jacob said the inheritances would be fulfilled. Many articles I’ve read thus far try to fulfill Zebulun’s inheritance in the Old Testament time period but that seems to be a direct contradiction of what Jacob said in Gen. 49:1. The birthrights would be fulfilled in the New Testament (“last days”) era and not the Old Testament era. I could be wrong but I don’t believe the Bible ever refers to the Old Testament period as the “last days.” Especially back in the days of Joshua when the tribes were settled. Correct?
3. What are your thoughts on the senate bill, Senate 1867, (S. 1867)? How do you feel this will impact us Christians? “Police State”? Our Senators voted for it. President Obama swears to veto it, but what if his veto doesn’t stop it?
4. When is the real birthday of Jesus?
5. If a person knows “what” they said “while” they are speaking in tongues, how do they know EXACTLY what other people said if they do not remember too well? Can you be alone, or MUST the episode be witnessed? How can I access this “gift”? Does the Holy Spirit have “manners”, in that He will not interrupt while the pastor is giving a sermon?
Week 99 with Pastor Davis

Questions Being Answered This Week
1. I sent an email encouraging a friend of mine to wish people a “Merry Christmas” instead of “Happy Holidays.” She told me the greeting really meant “Murder Christ” which was taught by the Catholic church. I would like to have some scripture to backup or discount that statement.
2. This is regarding last Sunday’s sermon(“period”&”comma”): What if someone is in the “middle” of making what looks like a period into a comma, and he or she dies? Will God see them as unsuccessful, or think less of them?
3. In your “Out of the Box” sermon you stated “Satan was the Music Director in Heaven” and that is why we have so much division of music in worship. I am trying to find these passage(s) could you tell me where the versus about that is in the Bible?
4. I received a statement from the church that held the total tithes & offering I have given this year. I feel strange about giving my due on Wednesday night or Sunday morning, then claiming it back at the end of the year. Can you give me a reason why I shouldn’t feel this way about it?
5. Is every death ordained by God? What scripture would be relevant to this issue?
Week 98 with Pastor Davis

Questions Being Answered This Week
1. What is your favorite book out of the Bible and why?
2. I have an autistic daughter (teen). She has gone over the plan of salvation, but she does not fully know what it means. Is she saved?
3. What are 3 tactics that you would suggest using to get others to come to church?
4. If a Christian backslides and Jesus returns, will that Christian go to heaven?
5. Catholic children are baptised within the first few months of birth. Do you know where in Scriptures it talks about how God will accept this?
Week 97 with Pastor Davis

Questions Being Answered This Week
1. What is your favorite TV show to watch?
2. What is your best memory in regards to leading someone to Christ?
3. Do you believe that once someone is saved that they are always saved? Are there Scriptures I can look at to reference this?
4. Have you heard of Perry Stone, and if so what do you think of him?
5. How does a wife handle a husband that says he is born again and his fruit stinks…and the wife sees the lies that her husband believes?
Week 96 with Pastor Davis

Questions Being Answered This Week
1. Recently you very briefly mentioned in a sermon that it didn’t work so well for the apostles and the early church to sell “their possessions and goods, and divided them among all, as anyone had need.” At least this is the verse I understood you to be referring to. Please clarify what you were talking about.
2. In talking about the ministry…How would you provoke someone that refuses to serve, into service?
3. Should we be fasting weekly or monthly to see prayers answered for lost loved ones? Prayers alone have not been manifested after many years.
4. What made you realize what your purpose in life was?
5. When people talk about cavemen in history, would they have been around before the time of Genesis? Seriously…
Week 95 with Pastor Davis

Questions Being Answered This Week
1. When you started your season as an evangelist,were you mostly telling your testimony? I would like to knew briefly how the Lord was using you during that period?
2. I moved from Nashville to the north Houston area(Kingwood), but have not found a church here yet. I miss attending Cornerstone, and would like to find a church that ministers at least close to you the way that you do. Do you have any recommendations on a good church to go to here?
3. I am asked at least once a week when we’ll have a Ladies Bible Study on a week NIGHT instead of morning. In our economy, many women have to work outside their homes and can’t attend – but would love to attend the class if there was one at night.
4. In Matthew 5:27-30, it talks about adultery and it says gouge your eye and cut off your arm if it sins against you. Is this talking more to the ones who repent and do it again or never repent? Is that for real or is there something that goes around it?
5. I am a single mother that is also an addict, a recovering one but none the less an addict. I have dealt with this issue for about 9 yrs now, and I have been to treatment for it as well. My question now is can you struggle with everyday problems, situations, and try to do your best and mess up–knowing that “ok this is what I need to do and should do but I still give in to selfish nature or just plain mess up on judgement calls” and God says “like your parents do this time I will forgive you but next time we’re done?” How do I get over those feelings about things I did in the past?
Week 94 with Pastor Davis

Questions Being Answered This Week
1. Do you ever have a Dave Ramsey Financial Peace class here at the church? If so, will there be one soon?
2. Is the Ouija board real?
3. When is the Sabbath day–that we have to keep holy, as per the 10 Commandments? Per the Scripture, it is Saturday, then why is Sunday a church going day? Are we following tradition or the Bible?
4. Luke 21:21-24 mentions “until the times of the Gentiles be fulfilled.” What does this mean? What is the Times of the Gentiles?
5. A while back you made a statement and also a Bible verse with it. It was about caring for our parents. You and your brother do that both financially and for their needs. Could you please give the Bible verses to me again as I miss them that day?
Week 93 with Pastor Davis

Questions Being Answered This Week
1. I believe people don’t focus so much on the vows/promises they made to the person under God in marriage. Instead they look for unrealistic love and as soon as they aren’t in the clouds or feeling the spark, they call it quits like the vows they say are a sneeze. Do you think that one of the biggest causes for divorce is simply selfishness in a way? And is it okay just to divorce cause your simply unhappy? or do you have to be a victim of something?
2. What do you think of evolution? Did we come from apes? Or were Adam and Eve our true descendants?
3. What it the difference between EARNESTLY praying and praying “in-the-spirit”? What IS praying in-the-spirit? How does a person know that he/she is praying in-the-spirit? If it DOES have to do with speaking in tongues, will it need to be witnessed?
4. If someone has committed adultery against someone, they know that it is wrong. The ex doesn’t know about it even to this day..That person is now a new Christian. Should they go to the ex and ask for forgiveness or did God take care of that when they confessed their sins to God during the sinners prayer?
5. I have been doing an in depth study of Revelations, and as I listened to your answer to a previous question noticed that you said we will not be here for any of the tribulation. I tend to understand scripture to say we will not be “raptured,” for lack of a better word, until the “last trumpet” which is after a lot of what happens in the end times. In referencing the following scriptures: Mark 13:24-27, 1 Corinthians 15, and 1 Thessalonians 4, I would love to hear some feedback.
Week 92 with Pastor Davis

Questions Being Answered This Week
1. What methods do you use to study the Bible?
2. Does the negativity from some of the media about you and your ministry ever get you down or do you know it’s an attack from the devil?
3. What is a good prayer for forgiveness?
4. Where in the Bible does it say that they tied a rope on the high priest’s leg to pull him out of the Holy of Holies?
5. Will you retire in TN or TX?
Week 91 with Pastor Davis

Questions Being Answered This Week
1. What do you make of the show on the “Church Channel” called “The Supernatural,” which often has the “psychic” pastor from Brunswick, GA?
2. What is the best way to help my husband find God? He doesn’t believe, and it’s killing me!
3. You have mentioned before that you got your degree while in prison. Where did you get the degree and at what school?
4. Why do you sometimes use a whole bunch of versions of the Bible while preaching?
5. Do we all get to heaven on the same day?
Week 90 with Pastor Davis

Questions Being Answered This Week
1. If God is God then He should have foreseen the fact that the devil would turn and tempt us to eat the tree, so why not create the world without sin?
2. There is A LOT said about fasting among church-members; fasting for an occasion or for a blessing, fasting for another person, and all the other & many fasts done for certain reason(s). I was given a book by a friend of mine by JENTEZEN FRANKLIN describing different fasts. Is it NECESSARY to FAST to obtain something from God, that CANNOT be received through a deep intimate prayer to Jesus, alone?
3. Is being overweight a sin?
4. Please share your thoughts on what you think about 2 popular books that many Christians feel shouldn’t be supported or read because they conflict with the Bible, “The Shack” and “The Purpose Driven Life”?
5. Is it VERY necessary to go on mission trips in order to be truly saved?
Week 89 with Pastor Davis

Questions Being Answered This Week
1. In the next few months I am going to be moving to the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. I remember you saying you are from that same area. What church would you recommend for me to attend and be a part of?
2. How do I know if I’m truly saved? I struggle with this a lot of times. I’ve prayed about it and so far I’m not clear on this answer.
3. Does it ever bother you that people ask you questions that have absolutely nothing to do with God? Questions like, what food you like, or where you buy your clothes, dry cleaners.
4. I feel as if I have chosen the wrong “path” for my life… I am very proudly saved, however I feel as though I am going through lots of unnecessary “trials and tribulations” simply because I made several poor choices in the earlier part of my life. Am I supposed to do all of these “great” things to redeem myself, because I feel so unworthy? Could there be something that I am doing that is preventing me from being blessed with being able to walk on my own again?
5. My brother and I grew up in church and have both graduated from World Harvest Bible College with Pastor Rod Parsley. We are currently both serving in full time ministry as worship pastors. What advice do you have for young pastors? What are some (at least 5) essentials to becoming all that God has designed you to be?
Week 88 with Pastor Davis

Questions Being Answered This Week
1. This question is regarding my dad, his salvation and his wife causing him to go to hell. I am not able to even TALK sense into him…HE IS VERY HARDHEADED! How can I explain about the BAD consequences (going to hell), and be positive he listens and comprehends?
2. I gave up my career to help take care of my dying father in 2000. His new wife emptied his accounts in the 2 weeks leading up to his death, and I was left to live off loans, credit cards and food stamps. Although it has been years since this happened, I have been unable to get on with my life, unable to work and my depression has left me with no hope for a happy future. PLEASE, tell me what to do to forget this injustice and focusing on why God gave so much to a mean, spiteful woman and left me wondering where my next meal is coming from.
3. I have noticed that one woman, and then another wear a hat routinely every Sunday. It does say in 1 Corinthians (11:4-6, specifically) that “if a woman does not cover her head, she should have her hair cut off.” So should every woman wear some kind of head covering? If so, when should women begin?
4. I am recently divorced and the sadness that is within me is indescribable. My husband was unfaithful many times and lied to me constantly. I finally filed for divorce after 22 years of marriage. My questions are: why do i feel so sad and will peace ever live in my heart? and will God still bless me even if I have failed in a marriage?
5. You’ve been stumped on several questions over the course of the Ask the Pastor series. Instead of just saying ‘I don’t know’ and leaving it there, have you considered doing a followup segment later or taking a break, looking into it and editing it in?
Week 87 with Pastor Davis

Questions Being Answered This Week
1. Are there still plans for a Spring Hill Campus of Cornerstone?
2. My question to you is in marriage, which comes first God or husband?
3. My husband and I are reading the New Testament for Bible study, and we happen to be reading Revelation. We have an area that totally refutes the church’s belief in a pre-tribulation rapture, or we THINK, anyway. Please tell me what your “take” is on this–it’s Revelation 7:3-4 where it talks about putting a seal on the foreheads of servants of God, and it continues to say that only 12,000 from each of the 12 tribes. Does this mean that we are NOT saved? If it does not, how are we to REALLY be saved, and how are we to be aware of the “tribe” of which we originate?
4. Is Cornerstone more Baptist in nature than Assembly of God? I just started attending, and it seems like we are mainly the same as some of the large Baptist churches in the area. Is that accurate or am I missing something?
5. If gambling is wrong, is investing in the stock market wrong?
Week 86 with Pastor Davis

Questions Being Answered This Week
1. Will you ever provide a transportation ministry for people to come to the church?
2. I was studying Leviticus 19:28, and I was wanting to know if getting tattoos is a sin in the new covenant?
3. If we must surrender to all authority, is that including when authority is going against the laws of the Bible?
4. I am sure you were familiar with the Brownsville Revival. It was called a counterfeit revival by some. I don’t have first hand knowledge, but I believe Steve Hill and John Kilpatric to be true men of God. Do you think they could have been deceived?
5. I see a correlation between Elijah’s description in II Kings 1 and John the Baptist. I’m curious to find out if they are related or likely from the same country?
Week 85 with Pastor Davis

Questions Being Answered This Week
1. You seem to stand very firm in what you believe about illegal aliens. Now tell me this, what is your very human opinion about the children who get brought into the country and have no one, and know nothing about their so called home country?
2. What is the difference between condemnation and conviction, and what are some ways to discern the difference?
3. Pastor Maury..Just wondering..when can we have The Isaacs sing for us again? They are so awesome! The church would love to hear them AGAIN..just asking? Would love to see them in concert at our church..what a great event!
4. Why don’t we have an invitation at every service? How can we let anyone leave without offering them the chance to accept Jesus as their Savior?
Week 84 with Pastor Davis

Questions Being Answered This Week
1. Our son is leaving for San Diego, CA and we are looking for a good church that has the same belief system as Cornerstone. He will be newly married, and we would like to make sure they are rooted in a good church. Can you recommend a church in this area?
2. Two people whom are divorced, but are now planning to remarry, decide to start their “new life” with God in the relationship. They seek to become baptized, but do not divulge they are living together. After the Baptism they resume their living situation. My question is this, does that baptism really bring God into that relationship or does it just constitute another lie they are building their lives on? As believers, do we sit back and say nothing?
3. Can a woman divorce her husband if he has committed adultery?
4. For about a year now, I feel God has been calling me back to Cornerstone Church. My former husband and I attended regularly about 9 years ago until we moved out of state. However, I currently live in Arizona and finances are such that I don’t feel I can securely move at this time. I attend a church in my current city; however, I watch Cornerstone via the website and I consider Cornerstone my church home. My question is – Is it okay to consider my church home Cornerstone and tithe to Cornerstone, or should I continue to tithe to the church I currently attend?
5. What do you feel about the gift of prophetic words? I noticed that it doesn’t happen in the church, and you don’t seem to bring people in who operate in that gifting. Do you not believe in that or is that not doctrinally correct, when evangelists have a word of knowledge or a prophetic message for a believer?
Week 83 with Pastor Davis

Questions Being Answered This Week
1. What is your suggestion on how to deal with people who constantly talk, text, etc. during church? I have encountered this problem several times recently, and it is disruptive to myself and others who would like to concentrate on the service.
2. I truly believe that I have been called to preach and teach the gospel. My track record with the Lord and church haven’t always been great, or good for that matter, I have taken both Discipleship 101 & 102, yet with my history of falling away from church on and off again, I’m afraid to even try and move forward. Hebrews 6:4-6, terrifies me. I have met with Pastor Sandy, but I was unable to receive the Holy Spirit or speak in tongues! She told me that I should receive quickly, yet I am having trouble with it! Pastor Keith has spoken with me several times and has been truly awesome. Yet I still struggle with receiving. Is there any info or help that you can give me on this?
3. When you die and are saved, do you instantly go to heaven? The Word says that to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord. Then it says during the rapture the dead in Christ rise first. So does that mean when I die my spirit goes to heaven, but I don’t have a body til the rapture takes place?
4. This is regarding my dad: he and my mom divorced when I was in second grade, and he was remarried to another woman in 1990. This “new” wife has brought him down…A LOT! What I am trying to find out is if it’s my responsibility to get him BACK. I know he is saved, but can the wife cause him to be UNSAVED? He is in his upper 60’s.
5. Do you believe in a pre-adaamic race, and if so what is the basis of that belief?
6. Please help me understand Matthew 5:38-42, which is about an eye for an eye. Does this mean we are never to defend ourselves?
Week 82 with Pastor Davis

Questions Being Answered This Week
1. Why is Pastor Davis always putting down the Democratic Party? We are all God’s children. One should leave their politics outside the door.
2. Can you explain in detail about the topic of predestination? Are some created knowing they’re destined for hell? If so, why?
3. Over the past several years, God has been giving me a burden for the nation of Israel and the Jews. I would like to know how and where to get actively involved in ministry outreach to the Jewish community, either here in Nashville and/or world-wide. What advice would you have for me to start?
4. In scriptural reference to New Heaven & New Earth (Isaiah 65:17-25), we are told of some adults dying at 100 years old, no infants dying prematurely and people having descendants. I always understood Jesus to say men and women would not be given in marriage in Heaven (thus no infants or descendants), and death would be wiped away (thus no one dying at 100 years old). I don’t understand how what Jesus said can support what Scripture says about New Heaven/Earth in Isaiah? Please explain.
5. Why does God take unborn babies? Why do convicted rapists & murders get to be forgiven & go to heaven?
6. Would you please explain Heb. 6:4-6? How does this relate to a “backslider?” Does this mean that they cannot be brought into repentance? If so, what hope is there for them?
Week 81 with Pastor Davis

Questions Being Answered This Week
1. Have you read Rob Bell’s book ‘Love Wins’? If so, what do you think of its message? If not, he makes an argument for Universal Reconciliation – what are your views on this?
2. If it is, in fact, true that Rob Bell does not believe in Hell, being that he is wrong on such an important issue, should we disregard all his other teachings/books/sermons from the past and stop listening to his future teachings?
3. When fasting, is it that you go without food and drink or can it be just food? I was called to do a 25 day fast.
4. I would like to know if there is a Christian way to throw a grown child (21 years old) out of the house. I have a child who has been gone for about a month now leaving me to pay all the bills, which I cannot do. I am in jeopardy of losing my home and car without her income. She continually lies about coming home and says that she hasn’t moved out, yet she continues to stay with her boyfriend and his parents. I have asked her to return items she has taken with her and told her she needs to come get her belongings, and I still haven’t seen her. Before I go over to the house where she has been staying with her belongings, I would like to know how to handle this in a Christian manner?
5. This is a personal and embarrassing question, so I am glad I don’t have to ask this in person. Is oral sex a sin before marriage? Yes, this is a serious question.
Week 80 with Pastor Davis

Questions Being Answered This Week
1. You have suggested at one time that we should take the Bible literally whenever possible.  How should we take Proverbs 24:17?
2. Where does it say we are not to “hang out” with sinners once we’re saved?
3. I was born and raised Baptist and have been at Cornerstone for 3 years and loves it. My question is, when I was baptized in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost does that mean I need another baptism in just the Holy Ghost?..or did I receive it the first time?
4. Many “Christians” I have come across lately have lost their minds, when it comes to topics like the there is no hell and the May 21 rapture teachings out there. They say things like “I know what Matt 24:36 says” or “I know what the Bible says, but when I look at everything going on in the world, it must be true.” It makes me want to knock them upside the head, but I can’t. Knowing that in the end some will be deceived, I’ve had the opportunity to walk through the scriptures with them. You have such a way with words, so what would you say to them?
5. This question comes from the sermon on Sunday May 15, 2011 called “Do Right.” It was another great sermon, however you told many stories of your childhood. However you left us holding on to the last story of the bass boat. You never told us what your father did to you and your brother. Was it so bad that you can’t speak of it? It looks like you lived through it, but was it the beating of your life or did he never really speak of it and you and your brother kept waiting for the ball to drop one day?
Week 79 with Pastor Davis

Questions Being Answered This Week
1. Not to get into details, but I can’t really get married according to the government. I take my promise to this man and to God to love this man more serious than a stupid signature could ever prove. To me it is more serious to get married under God than with a signature required by law to be “married,” which isn’t respected by most who get married now days anyways. So, would I be able to just get married under God, if I can’t get married by government law?
2. How do you feel about jury duty and our obligation from a spiritual standpoint?
3. For a long time I have been wanting to do my part in stopping the spread of Islam in America, but if this is preordained by God-good vs evil-why try?
4. Do you think it’s right for a man to come to church and after the service, go to his girlfriend’s house and spend the night with her? He also drinks, smokes pot, and yet he is a member of our church and is taking leadership classes.
5. What are your thoughts on the book “Purpose Driven Church” by Rick Warren? I’ve heard some criticism of the book, in that he is saying the church needs to conform to way the world interacts with people to win the people to Christ.
6. How can I believe the promise of eternal life, when God doesn’t even give me enough money to buy food?
Week 78 with Pastor Davis

Questions Being Answered This Week
1. What scripture reference is the best to use when questioned about the difference between our beliefs and the Baptist’s beliefs of “once saved always saved”?
2. My girlfriend and I have been going to Cornerstone since October 2010, but we missed out meeting you in the visitor’s room. Would we still be welcomed in there to come meet you?
3. There are several versions of the borders of Israel given in the Bible that all differ quite vastly. The Bible doesn’t seem to be in harmony on this topic. How should we as Christian interpret this? Did God change His mind or did men get it wrong? What do you consider to be the true borders?
4. Why is it that we only go by some things in the Old Testament, and some we don’t? For example, it says in Genesis that you shall not tattoo yourself? Also, in Deuteronomy it says that if you have a wife you shall not go to war? I feel like some pick and choose out of the Old Testament depending on what is convenient for them.
5. Do you think that life on earth could be wiped out by a solar flare? Would God send one to smite sinners?
6. I’ve been attending the Cornerstone church campus in Bowling Green, KY for maybe about 2 months, and my question is where is the “cross” in this church?
Week 77 with Pastor Davis

Questions Being Answered This Week
1. When reading the Bible and trying to understand it, what did God mean in the book of Exodus 22 chapter 29? He said, “You must give me the firstborn of your sons.”
2. I have a boyfriend of two years, and we are very much committed. The issue is, I can’t get married, or better said, I shouldn’t in case the opportunity of getting my legal status fixed comes up. But what should I do if I want to have children, but is it in my best benefit to get married? Would a simple ceremony in public with friends, family, and witnesses be enough according to what is required in the Bible?
3. What am I supposed to do as a Christian, with a close friend who will not change their ways and continues to commit adultery, and other sins? I know that we all sin, but am I to stop being friends with this person or am I to keep trying to persuade them to do the right thing?
4. Is there scripture something to the effect that, “God may take you early to protect you and to ensure that your future is heaven bound with Him?”
5. I wasn’t brought up in church as a child nor have I ever been a member or belonged to a church family, but I just began coming to Cornerstone about a month ago. I have been praying that God will baptize me in the Holy Spirit but it hasn’t happened yet. What else do I need to do besides ask that He fill me, read the Bible, come to church, and pray?
Week 76 with Pastor Davis

Questions Being Answered This Week
1. In an effort to reduce government and to reduce at least in some part this out of this world budget, why not have the Church provide for the poor, afflicted, homeless and elderly? Are we not as Christians charged with this task as well? Surely if all the Churches, despite denomination, came together in the name of Christ and used a portion of their offerings this could be done. What would you recommend?
2. My question is, I was told that we need to prepare ourselves and store up food and water for the end times. Do you believe that this is true?
3. How did you arrive at using the New American Standard Bible out of all of the different translations of the Bible?
4. The current day Jews do not believe that Jesus is the Savior and that the Messiah has not yet come. Therefore, I am assuming they only believe in the Old Testament. If they only believe in the Old Testament then they should be following the Old Testament, as it was written and be following all of the Old Testament Laws. My question is, if they only believe in the Old Testament, why are they not sacrificing animals in the Jewish Temples?
5. What do you think of the “Message Bible?” Is it a good translation?
Week 75 with Pastor Davis

Questions Being Answered This Week
1. I have recently heard from two or three people that the story of Jesus, born of a virgin, died for His people, resurrected, and more have been repeated throughout History, even before Jesus Himself. But have you heard of this–like the first I heard was the Egyptian mythical god, Horus, if you have, what do you know? Do they teach you about this in theology?
2. I’m sure you’re familiar with the idea of “fleecing the Lord,” or praying for a specific sign in response to prayer to receive an answer from the Lord on an issue. Do you think it’s possible when you earnestly seek the Lord for a sign that the enemy can produce the sign you ask for to blind you and lead you out of God’s will?
3. Pastor, how do you propose waiting on the Lord? Especially if you are not use to it?
4. How can I get over being totally humiliated and embarrassed at church? I can’t stop crying when I am by myself. It is hard to go back to church and face the embarrassment.
5. Pastor, my grandfather was a full blooded Jew and was agnostic. I prayed for his salvation until the day he died. However, I’ve heard that in the end all Israel gets a second chance at salvation. They will be gathered back to serve God the way he intended. Is this true, and if so does it include the Jews who are no longer living?
Week 74 with Pastor Davis

Questions Being Answered This Week
1. Pastor Davis, I’m somewhat confused about RICH preachers. I firmly believe the number one reason why people reject church is that they see all these pastors and preachers living like kings and millionaires, some with multi-million dollar homes, and hundreds of thousands of dollars in the bank account (if not millions) while the poor go to bed hungry–it’s just not godly? What do you think about this?
2. I feel like I’ve had more endings than beginnings lately. I think I’m following the path God wants me to follow, but should there be all of this pain?
3. I have a friend who is serving in a Texas prison who is soon to be released. He’s been in 10 yrs. I just found him in prison and have started to communicate. I struggle with what to say to encourage him to find or stay with God when he gets out. I want to be sure I treat the situation correctly… Any suggestions?
4. Recently, you said at a service on Sunday, something like you should be baptized by the Pastor of your church. Well, I thought more about that, because I have already been baptized at Cornerstone, but since you are my pastor, my question is would it be offensive to God to be baptized once more? Also, do you plan on baptizing again? If so, when?
5. Do all Christians have to be able to speak in tongues? I’ve never been able to speak in tongues, and I am not sure about my salvation because from what I’ve understood in the past–was if I can’t speak in tongues I am not saved. I DON’T KNOW?
Week 73 with Pastor Davis

Questions Being Answered This Week
1. Am I supposed to give 10 percent from my income tax refund check?
2. What is your thoughts about cremation?
3. Jesus tells us to ‘turn the other cheek’, but to what extreme? In the movie ‘End of the Spear’, missionaries allow themselves to be killed rather than defend themselves against unsaved natives. If a religious extremist seeks to kill me should I not defend myself by killing him so that others would still have a chance for salvation?
4. Pastor Davis, a few months ago I had a breakup with a girlfriend. While not everything was my fault some things were, I have apologized to her and GOD, but I did not hear a reply from her. But not hearing from her even if she didn’t accept my apology makes me feel like I am unforgiven, and it is affecting pretty much my prayer and my spiritual life. I always thought that we were suppose to make peace with the person we wronged before GOD could forgive us. How and what do I need to do to get peace in all of this situation?
5. I am about to be married. My fiance and I have had premarital sex and have a child together. We are now trying to do what is right and have not been together in a couple months and are waiting until we marry. I recently found out that he is still lying to me about silly things, but lying still. I’m trying to determine if I should work on this or not. If God sees us as married, then I know that I have to work on this no matter what and make it work. But, if we are not, then I can choose to marry him or call off the wedding. So, my question is, does God see us as already united because we slept together?
Week 72 with Pastor Davis

Questions Being Answered This Week
1. What’s the largest amount of people that the sanctuary can hold at once?
2. I was a first time visitor this Sunday at Cornerstone. When someone out of the congregation yelled, “Pastor, love is love”, he was escorted out of the church. I understand the person was being disruptive and disrespectful, but shouldn’t he be shown the love of Christ and try to explain to him the Bible?
3. What is the biggest thing in the Bible that challenges you?
4. The question I have is about the meanest woman I have ever known. She destroys everyone’s life that she comes in contact with and she laughs about it. She has five daughters and they all despise her because of the destruction she has brought into their lives. This woman is evil to the bone. She is now 84 years old, and I have prayed for her salvation often because I keep reminding myself that God loves her just as much as He loves me, but I have said when she dies that I’m going to dance on her grave for the destruction she has caused in the lives of those whom I love. She has caused more pain than I can even tell you about. My question is, would it be a sin for me to dance on her grave after she is gone?
5. I am convinced that very few charities actually do the right thing because people give lots of money, and if they give, starving people out of the country shouldn’t be in such need as always. Am I being naive here, is it the people who give? If money is given and charities use it correctly it should be making a huge obvious change. What is going on?
Week 71 with Pastor Davis

Questions Being Answered This Week
1. Just out of curiosity, why is your pinky crooked?
2. Someone wanted to give a motorcycle to a person known to struggle with drug/alcohol addictions and who is an adrenaline junkie. How would you respond to the comment that “We all have an appointed time to die, and if it is his time it will happen, if not it won’t!”?
3. After viewing several live sermons on the Web, I am impressed with the young men on your staff. However, I know all people are not sincere. What would not get past your attention when hiring a young minister for your staff?
4. Currently, I am a student, and I am also receiving a disability social security check…does this mean that I am looked down upon by the Lord? I THINK that the government check which I receive is a blessing from God; what’s your “take”, though?
5. How can I get my family involved in church? They see me going to church, but they see me struggling. What should I say to them…if they are looking at my situation in order for them to come to church?
Week 70 with Pastor Davis

Questions Being Answered This Week
1. My question is, if a man hits a woman or grabs her in a violent way while they are dating and she ends it with him, because of forgiveness should she forgive him and give him another chance just because God gives us another chance when we mess up?
2. I know my current pastor has stolen money from others in our city. This has been through false reports at his secular job, skipping out on rent with the story that he is a pastor and will pay them back, etc. He also would tell people that his secular job only pays minimum wage when he makes $60,000 a year. It is hard for me to sit and hear him speak. I know he is a fake, but I don’t want to cause trouble or leave my church. What should I do? The stories are true because the landlord and his “former boss” are personal friends.
3. Have you ever thought about having “Dog, the Bounty Hunter” as a special guest at Cornerstone?
4. My wife and I have been attending your church now for almost 5 years. Recently I found us in a disagreement about prayer. She was raised Baptist and thinks that prayers can be heard and answered by God, simply by “thinking” them. I’ve always been instructed that a literal definition of religious prayer is to “speak,” regardless of how loud, as long as it is spoken. Can you clarify this dispute for me by letting us know who is right, and give us a Bible verse to confirm the true answer?
5. I had a friend ask me to read the Book of Enoch. He said it was a lost book from the Bible. I think he’s crazy. What do you know about this “missing book” from the Bible?
6. Would Jesus have died on the cross for JUST me or did He die for all of mankind? Please give me a scripture to support your answer.
Week 69 with Pastor Davis

Questions Being Answered This Week
1. Can people in Hell see us like those in Heaven? That would be torture to see the people you love headed to Hell and not be able to stop them.
2. Why was God so vengeful in the Old Testament but not in the New Testament? What was the cause of the shift?
3. How would you respond to folks and critics of the Bible and Christians who say that the Bible contains passages that encourage, condone, and command violence, like the Quran?
4. I have been looking in the Bible where it says “do not hang out with sinners lest you become like them” of course not in this way, but that was the gist of it. Where can I find this passage again? If this is true, how are we to witness to sinners?
5. After being saved & receiving the Holy Spirit about 30 years ago, I back-slid & committed a lot of sins. I since have repented & asked for forgiveness, but do not feel the Holy Spirit within me. After once receiving the Holy Spirit, can you lose it? If so, how can I get it back?
6. I’ve been dating a girl for about 6 months and about 2 months into us dating I got mad at her and grabbed her. I felt so bad about it, and she forgave me for it but she said if a guy puts his hands on you than you can’t be with him. Is this true or can we move on from this?
Week 68 with Pastor Davis

Questions Being Answered This Week
1. Is the Nelson’s New Illustrated Dictionary reliable or can you recommend a better dictionary?
2. Pastor, I just listened to the message from 12/5/10 on why were the wise men wise? I’m 66 years old and have never asked the question..who were those 3 kings? WHERE was each king from; which country were they from? Does the Bible tell us the answer to this question? Please don’t tell me to ask Pastor George.
3. I just started going to your church. You were talking about how you can ask God for anything concerning your needs. My need is for inner peace. So my question for you is how did you find peace with what happened in your life? My life was similar to yours in that I am from the streets and have dealt with a lot of turmoil. I want to enjoy life and have the happiness that you have.
4. What has President Obama ever done to you specifically? I am appalled that you have no respect for another one of God’s children.
5. What are your views on an interracial marriage or relationship?
6. In heaven, will I have to brush my teeth and use the restroom, because it sure does take a lot of time out of my most awesome day?
7. What is Pastor Davis’ view and the Bible’s view on Calvinism? Do you think the Bible supports the Calvinistic view or the Armenian view?
Week 67 with Pastor Davis

Questions Being Answered This Week
1. I have a dear friend that is very interested in studying the Bible. He has asked me to help him. However, I do not feel that I am capable of helping him understand all that the Bible teaches. I want to be sure that is what the Bible teaches and not my own personal opinion. Can you direct me as to how to help him study the Bible?
2. Why are there so many translations of the Bible? When looking up the definition of a word it seems to change the meaning of that passage.
3. I have heard you say that God is not a respecter of people from time to time. Can you explain what this means and what Bible scriptures confirm this?
4. My daughter and new son-in-law, want to know if it is ok to gamble. I don’t know, if or where, information on this topic is in the Bible. Could you help us out?
5. Dear Pastor, I have a question, a friend of mine visited your church during worship service. She noticed individuals eating during the service. My question: is eating food allowed during worship service?
6. There is a pastor named Keith Moore who doesn’t charge anything for his sermons. You can download them or order them at no cost. Would you consider having your sermons available at no charge?
7. This may be too much to ask, but will there ever come a time at Cornerstone when all the talking & socializing before service will be minimized? We should come into the sanctuary, quietly find a seat & begin preparing our hearts & minds for worship. Each Sunday, I ask myself “Where’s the reverence?”
Week 66 with Pastor Davis

Questions Being Answered This Week
1. How can we simultaneously explain to our children the Commandment “Thy shall not kill” with the story of David and Goliath, or war, for that matter?
2. Do you believe that the Bible teaches that one has to be Baptized to be saved?
3. Over the last two months, God has brought a Jewish coworker from Israel into my circle. My question is two-fold… would you offer Pastoral advice on building a proper witness relationship AND, he alludes that the OT books are out of order – any historical basis you know?
4. Is being baptized in the Holy Spirit a “pre-requisite” for operating in the other spiritual gifts? For instance, can someone who has not been baptized in the Spirit operate in the gift of interpreting tongues or prophesying?
5. I know that you have a sense of humor when it comes to Pastor Robby so my question is why do you always pick on Pastor Robby
6. Are you ever going to have Paster Perry Stone as a guest speaker. I think the church would enjoy him.
7. You said that you would not vote for Sarah Palin. I may not vote for her in a republican primary but if she should win the primary and run against Obama I will definitely vote for her. Please explain if you would vote for her under these circumstances.
Week 65 with Pastor Davis

Questions Being Answered This Week
1. If you have a guest pastor or speaker come to Cornerstone and they preach or say something that isn’t scriptural….what do you do? Do you just ignore it or should you address the congregation and straighten it out?
2. Do you believe that Cornerstone Church is a church that is truly standing for the truth of God’s Word and that the leaders are contending for the faith? Our family is looking for a church that is not buying in to the emergent thinking that seems to be creeping into today’s churches. (like Joel Olsteen) How does Cornerstone differ from churches like his?
3. I have heard you speak about that fact that different denominations or churches have different doctrines. I am new at learning some of these facts. I grew up with a family who was baptist but there are a lot of similarities that they taught me and what you teach. Can you tell me what the significant differences between the two are?
4. You spoke about being modest… my question is if being sure that one always presents him or herself in a favorable way, would you consider that “modesty”, and would that be a sin?
5. How can I tell if I’m in position to receive healing?
6. What is the starting salary for an Assemblies of God pastor? What is the highest salary an AG pastor can make?
Week 64 with Pastor Davis

Questions Being Answered This Week
1. What would be the first thing you’d do to the church building if you were given 1 Million dollars?
2. What do you like least about your personality? What do you like best about your personality?
3. I have (many say) been given the gift to play and sing (mostly sing) I have been praying for the gift of prayer (publicly) but have no feeling of it yet. Please (if possible) advise me.
4. I was married November 2009, and for the most part, things have been great. He has not come to church with me for the past three weeks. I felt led by the Lord to start attending Sunday School and when i mentioned this to him, he has become defensive and distant, and will hold a grudge and treat me differently. Of course, if i attend Sunday school at 8:30 and the regular service starts at 10:00 this would bring conflict to our riding to church together. What should i do?
5. Do you believe in soul mate’s and that God has ONE person he made just for you?
6. What is your opinion on burning the Koran?
Week 63 with Pastor Davis

Questions Being Answered This Week
1. I understand that our bodies are the temple of God. And in the old testament it says you should not tattoo yourself. I believe this is true still no matter what the tattoo is. (better safe than sorry) But someone I know who I thought would go by this, got a new tattoo with a Godly significance. Is it wrong or not?
2. Why are there so many version of translated scripture? When I read a scripture from say NIV and read it again from American Standard or any other version, the meaning is so completely different. And how can I look up a word in my concordance to try and understand a scripture when the words of the translations are so different? This causes me much confusion and I don’t know what bible to use. And I’m wondering how much of God’s intended meaning of His word gets distorted from so many different translations.
3. In the event something happens to you-that you would not be able to be our Senior Pastor- who is next in charge?
4. We have been attending Cornerstone for over a month now and Love it! How does one take membership?
5. What is the best restaurant in this town?
6. Please explain what the purpose and responsibilities are of care group leaders? How important is their role in ministry in the church? How are care group leaders selected?
Week 62 with Pastor Davis

Questions Being Answered This Week
1. I have had such a horrible past few years. It seems like one bad thing after another. I don’t even feel like believing God for anything anymore because I just end up disappointed. How can I feel hopeful again?
2. What’s your favorite meal your wife makes?
3. Since the Bible teaches that a great majority will choose the path of destruction and narrow is the gate to God’s Kingdom, are the efforts of evangelism futile beyond a certain extent? I mean a great number of people just won’t listen anyway, sort of like Noah’s warnings.
4. In previous question and answer segments, you have mentioned (unless I misunderstood) that there are different levels of Heaven and different compartments in hell. Would you mind elaborating on these two subjects.
5. Is it un-Christian behavior to resist the building of Mosques in your community? To protest the Islamic faith by burning the Quaran? Or state that Islam is a evil/false religion?
6. If you are disabled and can`t make it church on Sunday will that make you a bad Christian. And can`t afford to give to the church every week.
Week 61 with Pastor Davis

Questions Being Answered This Week
1. I’m depressed. I don’t think it’s a chemical imbalance. I think I’m just tired of life being so hard. Is it a sin to go on an anti-depressant?
2. Have you ever run into a prison guard or someone who was mean to you while you were serving time? If so, how did you treat them?
3. If faith comes by hearing….what happens to people who are deaf? Is hearing in this verse only referring to what is audible?
4. If a person is a good person, accepts Jesus as their personal savior, but is NEVER “filled with the Holy Spirit”, is he or she destined for hell?
5. I get paid approximately every two weeks, when I do I write a check of 10% and put it in the offering. There may be two weeks or more between checks so I pass the bucket without putting in an envelope. I know God sees it and I know I give it, but the absence of dropping an envelope in the bucket may give the wrong message to others. I notice that you always drop an envelope in the bucket and you probably have a similar pay period structure. Should I divide my tithing to demonstrate obedience?
6. Do you think it’s harder to raise boys or girls?
Week 60 with Pastor Davis

Questions Being Answered This Week
1. I am a teacher in a public school and as you may know I am not allowed to talk to the students about Christianity. Do you have any suggestions of anything else I can do to lead my students towards Christianity without crossing that line between church and state?
2. When Jesus was on this earth, do you think he was tempted at all sexually? I just wonder if he understands how hard it is in this day and time to remain a virgin.
3. I hate my job. It pays good. How do I know what I was meant to do?
4. Are you of the opinion that there is or is not an end time transfer of wealth and if so is it for the church or just Israel?
5. Do think that parents should have a presence in their children’s school?
6. I’m really uncomfortable around most of the leadership and pastoral staff because I know I’m a baby Christian and just am not on their level. How can I grow up quicker in Christ?
7. How big would you like Cornerstone to grow?
Week 59 with Pastor Davis

Questions Being Answered This Week
1. What is your favorite fast food place and what do you normally order when you go?
2. Is “speaking in other tongues”, or “heavenly prayer language” a manifestation for every spirit filled believer?
3. According to the U.S Government i am illegal and a for that I am a criminal. I was brought here at the age of seven. I’d like to believe we are all illegals here on earth for He made the heavens and the earth. And in my mind, I am only a citizen of heaven. However, I wish to know what you believe God thinks when He sees how the world puts up walls and boundaries?
4. How can I get rid of the filth or the demons of my past, so I can become a real woman of God? On the outside I’m pleasantly nice and friendly with others; but truthfully there’s a dark covering of pain that I struggle with everyday. Where do I begin, for change?
5. In your “Dream” sermon series you encouraged the congregation to act on their God dream. What should we do if we are ready to do so and our spouse does not support that decision to fulfill our dream?
Week 58 with Pastor Davis

Questions Being Answered This Week
1. Do you enjoy doing these ask the pastor segments?
2. I don’t know how I can be truthful with God about somethings without being a complainer. How can I talk to God honestly but not complain while doing so?
3. I know the BIBLE say’s Honor your father & mother & i do believe the BIBLE but your father gives you a cussing & tells you he is through with you how do i go on honoring him.
4. The Discipleship 102 class really focuses on the spiritual gifts but seems to have little teaching on how to actively be a leader in the church. Would you consider starting a class that just talks about the spiritual gift and then revamping the 102 class so we leave there knowing how to minister and be more of a leader?
5. You had said in one sermon that during the construction of Cornerstone Church financing fell through and that after praying financing came through the next day. Since the Bible never speaks positively about debt and God’s word cannot contradict itself – why do you attribute a loan/debt being approved as coming from God?
6. When someone who has a demon dies, where does the demon go?
7. I think you use the NAV or NASB? version of the Bible at worship service. If so, why do you use that version and is is possible to purchase that version in our Church bookstore?
Week 57 with Pastor Davis

Questions Being Answered This Week
1. How in the world can I trust 100% in the Lord without letting my worries get the best of me,and without trying to take care of it myself?
2. What’s the difference between milk and meat (in regards to the Word as food for the soul) and what can I do to get there?
3. Do you dance anymore?
4. How will I know when I’ve met the man I’m suppose to marry?
5. Do you meet with females in a private home or office without another female present? I have a friend who thinks its insulting to her if a pastor won’t meet with her alone.
6. Do you believe that women can be ministers over men or do you have a women’s ministry that strictly involves women.
7. I am studying Revelation in my Bible study class. Christ tells one of the churches if they do not repent their name could be removed from the book of life. I take this literally. Another woman said Christians are marked and the mark can not be taken away. I was taught we can leave the faith with our own free will and have our name removed from the Book. She is saying then that person wasn’t really saved and never received the mark. Please advise me on the correct answer.
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Week 56 with Pastor Davis

Questions Being Answered This Week
1. I’m an adult who had a very strained relationship with my father. Do you have a sermon or series that can help me figure out how to have a better relationship with him?
2. Can we please have something other than lasagna at church functions?
3. How do you get ideas for illustrated sermons and rodeos? Are they inspired by the Holy Spirit or are you just driving one day and have creative ideas?
4. When or how do you know the right time to involve the church/elders regarding a member you have spoken with regarding a sin, but they choose not to or can’t brake away from that sin?
5. A friend at work and I were discussing salvation and he said he believed that you are born with the “Essence” of Jesus and you have to make a conscious decision to turn away from God to not go to heaven. I said no way that you have to accept Jesus as your savior that is the only way. He came back with; “Why would God create people to die and burn in hell?”. I asked; “like who?” and he said for example the Aztecs. The only contact they had to any Christians were Cortez and he and his men robbed and killed them.
6. How much sleep do you get a night?
Week 55 with Pastor Davis

Questions Being Answered This Week
1. The bible says to honor our parents. I understand you to mean that includes us taking care of our elderly parents. Does anything exempt us from this responsibility? For instance, if parents are controlling and continuously try to drive a wedge between my spouse and I, or they ridicule our commitment to our church. Does anything change the responsibility of us to care for them?
2. Do animals go to Heaven?
3. Are some sins worse then others or is sin just sin?
4. What do you usually feel like before you preach? Are you always nervous because there are so many people?
5. I’ve heard that Steven Stoner is your hero? Is this true?
Week 54 with Pastor Davis

Questions Being Answered This Week
1. How long do you think it will be until the rapture? I’m tired of waiting
2. I wonder why God chose to inflict the Philistines with boils, if God does not put disease on folks to punish.
3. So if a man is messed up and considers himself trans-gender and goes through the medical procedures to become a woman. Then she gets saved and delivered… should she live her life as a woman or go back to being a man?
4. What movie gives a realistic picture of what prison is like?
5. I’m having trouble finding a balance between being humble and having confidence. Do you have any suggestions to help me know how to get balanced as well as how to recognized when I am in balance in these two areas?
6. When the bible talks about you and your house being saved what counts as “your house”? I’m grown and am praying for my lost siblings. Can I stand on that scripture for their salvation? What about my parents who are lost. Can that verse also mean them although we don’t live together now that I’m grown and have my own spouse and children?
Week 53 with Pastor Davis

Questions Being Answered This Week
1. I stumbled across your site on the internet, and saw the Q&A portion on the site, and watched you answer questions, one of which was the question, “For the past couple weeks now you have been making fun of gays during sermons. Are we all not suppose to love each other? You answered this question with the words, “Yeah [we are supposed to love each other] but that doesn’t mean people aren’t funny.” Are you saying that the sin of sodomy is funny? Doesn’t the Bible say “fools make a mock of sin”?
2. Recently, one of my friend’s had a complication with her pregnancy and was put on bed rest. Being on bed rest caused her to miss a very important event she’d made plans to be at months ago. She said that her complication indicated to her that it was “God’s will” that she not make the appointment. I argued that it was an attack from the devil because the desire of her heart was to be at the event and due to sickness she couldn’t make the event. Who is right?
3. I’m so frustrated. I hear your sermons on how horrible our government is and how corrupt and hear you saw we need to stand up….but what do I DO? I feel so pumped up and ready to take action when you speak but then after service is over I find myself frustrated because I don’t feel like I can really make a difference with such a huge government. What specifically can we do? Rally, protest, what?
4. What happens in the backroom that you are in prior to a service starting?
5. Do you think it is a good idea for a man & a woman,who are married to other people, to carpool together?
6. What’s the question you would ask God if you could ask him just one question today?
Week 52 with Pastor Davis

Questions Being Answered This Week
1. I am having a very difficult time getting complete quiet time to read the word and pray in tongues each day. Is it bad to multi-task and have prayer time while I’m driving or listen to the bible on my ipod while I’m grocery shopping?
2. When a word from the Lord is given to the congregation, what is the appropriate and most respectful way for us to respond afterwards? Should we clap, raise our hands and thank God, be quiet for a moment?
3. What hobbies do you enjoy with your wife? With you being so busy, how do you find time to be away from everything and be together?
4. President Obama has screwed up in so many ways. How do you have any respect for him at all?
5. Pastor Davis You answered a question about feet washing in the church not being practiced because it was talking about feet being dirty and we should be able to wash our own feet.I don’t believe that’s what Jesus was talking about.He was giving us an example of humility. Do you agree with the example of humility he was giving us?
6. I’m having a tough time understanding God’s love for me. I just can’t seem to really get the understanding of it. Do you have any suggestions for me? I think my life would be happier if I got revelation on this…I just don’t know how to.
Week 51 with Pastor Davis

Questions Being Answered This Week
1. Are Catholics lost (not saved)?
2. How come Maury Davis never tells the complete story of his. I couldn’t believe the actual story of what happened. He needs to be forthright, if he is going to use his prison to priesthood to build his empire. How comes he lives in a million $$ mansion?
3. As a single mom, how do I introduce a possible new relationship to my preteen daughter? what is the best way to approach the subject?
4. Do you pick out your suits or does Ms. Gail? You always are really put together and I imagine she’s the mastermind behind it but just was wondering.
5. Have you ever considered taking your message to and sharing your knowledge with a national audience, via a vehicle like The O’Reilly Factor?
6. I’ve heard you say that a person who is deceived doesn’t know they are deceived. How can I tell if I’m deceived or not?
Week 50 with Pastor Davis

Questions Being Answered This Week
1. Should you mandate that your grown children living in your home attend church regardless of age if they live with you and you help support them?
2. Over the past year I have lost my faith & fell out of Church & away from Christ. What do I need to study & pray & also is there any of your CD’s I need to buy & listen to help me get back on the straight & narrow because I do want to be Christian.
3. Please tell me how we as citizens of this nation under GOD make sure that our nation doesn’t become a Muslim nation?
4. Do you marry people in your church?
5. Why don’t you repay and try to make peace with the people that you hurt, it has been since 1975?
6. Should I avoid hanging out with colleagues from work that are gay, have children out of wedlock, or are living together but not married?
Week 49 with Pastor Davis

Questions Being Answered This Week
1. i was a child of abuse growing up and lived a very sinful life until i came to cornerstone and found my way to god. I feel that god let me go through what i went through my question is where can i go or what can i do to reach out and share my story to children that have gone through what i went through and let them know what god has done for me?
2. What is your salary?
3. What is the first thing you would change if you were President?
4. How would you get a person to go back to believing in God?
5. In your sermon, you stated that there are 3 steps that we need to take to be content. I did not hear the 3rd action we must take to be content?
6. I think the new stage is pretty cool. I’ve wondered for a long time though about the symbolism behind the Cornerstone logo and thought now would be a good time to ask about it since it’s the center piece of the stage design. I’ve heard several ideas about it’s meaning and have my own thoughts but would like to know what the original idea was.
Week 48 with Pastor Davis

Questions Being Answered This Week
1. I am interested in knowing if Cornerstone is in some way affiliated with John Hagee’s Cornerstone Church, and if Cornerstone, Nashville is non-denominational.
2. If Christ came to unify believers and if God’s word has fundamental truths, why is there so much division in it’s interpretation and infighting within denominations and among denominations? Who is really right with the Bible since every denomination claims to be right?
3. My husband was wondering if your cell mate you had been given 75 had to serve that time or was he released also due to over-crowding?
4. Have you seen the interview with Glenn Beck where Obama is talking about collective salvation?
5. I recently prayed for healing for someone and they died. I stood on the Word and truly believed the person would be healed. I injured my faith and am scared that when I stand on the Word it won’t work. How do I get confidence back in praying again?
6. I’m broken hearted. My life feels like it’s been one disappointment after another. I have asked God to heal me and just when I start to feel wholeness—another tragedy happens and it feels like the wound was reopened. How do I pray for emotional wounds that keep getting reopened?
Week 47 with Pastor Davis

Questions Being Answered This Week
1. How do you stay in the know about what is going on with the members in your church?
2. I hear you have a tattoo (or maybe tattooS) but you won’t tell us where they are…..can you tell us what they are?
3. What’s the difference between the title of “Minister” and “Pastor?”
4. I have been baptized in the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in other tongues. However, I’ve really been seeking the Lord and desiring to be equipped with the other spiritual gifts, especially the gift of prophecy, as we’re commanded to seek in 1 Corinthians 14:1. What would be your advice or guidance on this?
5. In your sermon on the Anti-Christ during the Revelation series you read Revelation 13:1-10. Rev.13:6-8 (8 specifically)speaks of names being in the Book of Life since the foundation of the world. I understand the “foundation” can be interpreted as the beginning of time or since the Resurrection of Christ. My question is this: Does this passage mean that every person that has been saved, is being saved as I type, or will be saved in the future is already in the Book of Life?
6. When you visited Atlanta to celebrate the anniversary of Israel, you talked about meeting someone close to Newt Gingrich. You spoke with admiration about Gingrich and seem to want him to come to Cornerstone. Why do want this man at Cornerstone?
7. If God wants us to have the desires of our hearts, why does He take them from us if they don’t line up with His desires? How can we call that free will and choice?
Week 46 with Pastor Davis

Questions Being Answered This Week
1. Why aren’t we having the Vision retreat this year? Is there any way you could change your mind?
2. What is your church’s belief on homosexuality?
3. I would like to know where you buy your suits.
4. I hear often that there are pastors who serve yet have been divorced, doesn’t the bible give specific requirements for a “bishop”(pastor) and a deacon? “the husband of one wife” does this also disqualify a person from preaching?
5. In the Bull Free Zone sermon you mentioned you did not think it was right for a mosque to be built near ground zero. The 14th Amendment of the Constitution guarantees freedom of religion. Does this mean you are against the constitution?
6. Is being deceived the same thing as being ignorant? If not, what’s the difference?
7. What advice would you give to someone who wants to be very effective in jail ministry? It’s a different environment that I’ve never really been exposed to but feel a draw to that group of people.
Week 45 with Pastor Davis

Questions Being Answered This Week
1. When a member of the church wishes to go on a mission trip they must pay their own way. Is it the same for the recent missions trip when so many of the pastors and their wifes went to Africa, or did the church pay for all of them to go?
2. Who was the first person you rode dirt bikes with the day you got out of prison?
3. Is there any scripture that would support getting a prenup? It seems like a wise thing to do but I haven’t found any scripture mentioning it.
4. What happened to Pastor Bob? I heard he is no longer with the church.
5. Can you explain the many types of offerings mentioned in the Old Testament?
6. I have several colleagues who are homosexuals and invite me to their kids birthday parties, dinner parties, and things like that. Is it okay to go? I do go to dinner parties with a couple of my friends who are living together but are not married. Should I stop doing that too?
7. How far is “too far” to go when you’re dating? Is french kissing okay?
8. How does one hear from God?
Week 44 with Pastor Davis

Questions Being Answered This Week
1. Do you honestly believe, as you stated a couple of weeks ago, that you don’t need anyone else to pray for you because Jesus is praying for you?
2. Could you tell me about Sister Blythe and how she became what you call the “matriarch” of Cornerstone? Every time I see her, she seems so full of the Lord, and I was always curious about her story.
3. I have been a teacher for years and listened to you recently reiterate the biblical statement that homosexuality is a sin. I know that that is in the Bible, however, I have seen students as young as 4 yrs. old show homosexual behaviors when they don’t even know what they’re doing. I use to believe without doubt that homosexual behaviors were under a person’s control, but after seeing so many young children with these tendencies I question the validity. How does one explain why children as young as 4 show these tendencies?
4. What is the best way to deal with a parent that is unsaved and trying to break up your marriage?
5. Is God’s will always done?
6. What is a concordance and how and why should Christians use them?
7. I’ve heard you comment in the past that there is no point in talking to a deceived person because they are deceived and aren’t going to get what you’re saying, even if what you are saying is the truth. So, if you had 20 minutes with our president, what would you choose to talk about with him?
Week 43 with Pastor Davis

Questions Being Answered This Week
1. Why are all the kids functions during the day? I work and can’t get off to take them. I would really like to see some evening activities.
2. How tall are you?
3. How do the majority of Assemblies of God preachers treat you?
4. In the Old Testament law, God says that if a man and woman divorce and remarry, then divorce again, and go back to the 1st partner, that its an abomination to God. Are we to assume even though we are not under Jewish law that this is still Gods standard for us today?
5. What is Cornerstone’s stance on odd manifestations that have shown up in various “revivals” in the past, such as being drunk in the Spirit, laughing in the Spirit, and barking in the Spirit?
6. Regularly, I hear someone in the church say “The will of God won’t take you where the grace of God won’t protect you”. How does the grace of God work in matters that occurred outside the will of God?
7. I want to marry a very rich man because I really enjoy giving money to missions, buying things for others when they can’t, and just being very generous (and yes, I do tithe faithfully!) I am in a career where I’ve already topped off at what I can make for my profession. Any suggestions for praying to have a mate who is loaded?
8. Do you believe in heart-felt salvation or do you believe in simply repeating a sinner’s prayer?
Week 42 with Pastor Davis

Questions Being Answered This Week
1. I’ve decided to make Cornerstone Church my church home. What’s the next step to get involved?
2. What’s your wife like? Are your kids more like you or her with regards to their personalities?
3. Which pastor is the funniest on your staff? Which pastor is the worst one to travel with? Which pastor have you known the longest? Which pastor knows you best?
4. What do you say to the people who believe that yes our founding fathers made reference to our creator in the declaration of independence but in the constitution gave us as Americans the right to worship various gods? Does it say somewhere that the creator they are referring to is the christian God?
5. During your messages not just this weekend but other weekends I have heard you mention or make fun of Baptist in a way I feel was that your against the Baptist. Why is that?
6. Is it right to have a judicial system? Doesn’t the Bible say God is the only true judge? If so, then how can we as Christians be under authority of judges?
7. How do I make myself understand the Bible? It’s foreign to me. I feel like I’m just reading a book sometimes. Is there a certain place in the Bible for me to start instead of reading from page 1?
Week 41 with Pastor Davis

Questions Being Answered This Week
1. If God is all knowing, all powerful, and infinite, why does it allow for “evil” in the world, as well as sickness and suffering? If God knows of it, why allow it in the first place?
2. If we pass away before Christ returns, does our spirit and soul stay in the grave until resurrected up with Christ in the air when He comes back to collect His children during the rapture? Or once we die, we are immediately in the presence of the Lord in Heaven?
 Does Pastor Davis believe in speaking in tongues? If so, why do we never hear tongues being spoken from the people in the pullpit?
4. I’m a bible-believing christian who attends a conservative evangelical church in England. I recently took a spiritual giftings test and discovered what friends and family have often told me that I have a real gift to teach and preach the Word of God. However, as a woman, I am worried about this. Does Scripture forbid me to teach the Bible or preach in Church? How should I best go about best using my gifts without disobeying the holy Word of God.
5. Jewish people who die without accepting Jesus as Savior go to hell. Then why does it seem that there is a very little urgency towards the Jewish communities within the church?
6. In a recent service you mentioned the old “Blue Law” where businesses were closed on Sundays. From the lesson, apparently, the reason they are open today is out of greed. Knowing that, as Christians, should we shop and eat out on Sundays?
Week 40 with Pastor Davis

Questions Being Answered This Week
1. Is it wrong to receive copies of DVDs from friends, like workout videos and such?
2. In the early church when someone had a need then the need was met by those within the body.  Does this fellowship of believers at Cornerstone have a way of listing the needs of the people so that the other believers can help one another or visa versa?
If Hell is a real place and you have stated it is under the earth, where is it located exactly?
4. I’m a single parent raising a boy. How do I address the issue of masturbation?  Is it ok for my son to do this, is it a sin, are there some circumstances in which it’s ok since he’s learning about his body?
5. For the past couple weeks now you have been making fun of gays during sermons.  Are we all not suppose to love each other?
6. If there is one thing you wish your congregation would understand or get, what would it be?
Week 39 with Pastor Davis

Questions Being Answered This Week
1. Why is it that you chose Memorial Day as opposed to Veterans Day to celebrate at Cornerstone?
2. Why dont we have more mission outreaches?
3. What’s the best date you ever took Ms. Gail on?
4. You recently said that you were excited to meet someone affiliated with Newt Gingrich in Atlanta and discussed having Gingrich come to Cornerstone. Newt Gingrich does not appear to be a very good Christian. Why would you want him to talk to us?
5. My husband and I cannot agree about our tithe. We currently tithe 8%. I want us to tithe 10% but my husband says we can’t afford that and that I should submit to his authority on this matter, in accordance with Scripture. Which of us is right?
6. If God created man as we are today and we are not a creation of evolution, how do you explain the fossil findings of early human ancestors?
Week 38 with Pastor Davis

Questions Being Answered This Week
1. I do not see a cross anywhere in your church. Why is this or am I mistaken?
2. Why don’t we practice foot washing?
3. On your 2010 Memorial day promotion bookmark you referred to victims as having made the ultimate sacrifice. I’m curious how you balance this in light of our belief that Jesus made the ultimate sacrifice. Are you comparing a Soldiers death with Jesus’?
4. There was a previous question about drinking wine that needs to be re-addressed. My understanding is that drinking wine is not condemned in the Bible…drunkenness is. Although it is not explicit in the Bible, can we not assume that Jesus drank wine as an observant Jew? In John 2:1-11, the miracle at the wedding in Cana is recounted. In accordance with Jewish custom, they were drinking REAL wine. The product HAD to be fermented wine, for if it had been mere grape juice, there would have been complaints rather than superb compliments. The Last Supper, which occurred in the Spring, he passed around wine to drink. Since this was six to seven months after the grape harvest and since there was no way to preserve grape juice, this HAD to be fermented wine, right?
5 Isn’t preaching politics from the pulpit a violation of the non-profit organization’s rules and regulations? This is in reference to talking bad about the “left-wing” side of our govt, in particular Pres. Obama? Also, why don’t you respond to anonymous questions? I mean… why bother to ask it on your video, only to not actually answer a good question because it doesn’t list the name of who wrote it?
6. How do i pray for my brother and his wife who are not saved and are on pills and drugs?
Week 37 with Pastor Davis

Questions Being Answered This Week
1. I’m in fellowship with God now, but several years ago, I was not, and I married the wrong person. We have since gotten a divorce after he left our family to be with his girlfriend. When my children ask me if it was a mistake for me to marry their father, how do I answer them? The truth is that I was in rebellion and married who I wanted and not who God had for me. My children are younger, and I’m not sure how to talk to them about this. What do you suggest?
2. I know we are supposed to give our tithes, but what about if one person of a household manages the money, pays the bills, etc. and they have a joint account, but the spouse is not attending church or agreeing on paying tithe, what is your advice on that issue: should I pay only the tithe from my income or on the family income?
3. I brought a friend to Church with me a few weeks ago. She was raised Catholic, and she has a few hang-ups. She keeps asking me why there is not a cross in the sanctuary. I never noticed there wasn’t, and I don’t have an answer for her. Could you please tell me?
4. We are told in the Bible that God establishes the thrones of kings and the authority of our rulers. Why would God establish the authority of a Hitler, Mao-Tse-Tung, Pol Pot, Lenin, or Musollini? It seems as though God is appointing someone He already knows is evil over the people.
5 What do you think about 1 Corinthians 14:34-35? What do you say to people who are against women preaching and teaching other than only teaching women like in a Church of Christ?
6. I know the Bible tells us to pray for our leaders. Is there any reason we can’t pray Psalms 109:8 over President Obama, “Let his days be few; and let another take his place”?
Week 36 with Pastor Davis

Questions Being Answered This Week
1. In John 13:4-17, Jesus washed the disciples feet and instructed them to do the same to each other. Why don’t we practice foot washing in the Assembly of God?
2. As far as the roll of women in the church, I understand they can prophesy in the end times, but Paul instructs in the letter to Corinth and to Timothy several times regarding the roll of women in the church. I hear pastors say that Paul wrote that because of their culture at that time. But I thought the Bible was written for all times. Please explain.
3. My 5 year old grandson, Damian, wants to write a letter to God like he writes a letter to Santa. The only advise I could give my daughter was have him say a prayer in the words to God that he would say in the letter. Is this the best way to handle this?
4. Do you believe that after the rapture of the church the presence of the Holy Spirit will be removed from this world? If the Holy Spirit is what draws people to Christ, then how would anyone be saved without his presence? I know you said very few will come through the tribulation, but there will be some.
5. I am in the process of a divorce because my husband left our family for his mistress. I realize that some of the complications I’m going through could have been avoided if I’d had a prenuptial agreement. Now I’m wondering if I got married to someone else in the future, would it be wise to get a prenup? Is there scripture for or against a prenup?
6. Is there anything in the Bible to support UFOs or life on other planets?
Week 35 with Pastor Davis

Questions Being Answered This Week
1. Where in the Bible does it discuss drinking?  I was saved a month ago, and I am trying to stay on the right path. I am not an alcoholic but I do like a drink occasionally.
2. Is there scripture to support giving God a “hand-clap of praise?” I know that we are supposed to raise our hands to God and praise him, but is it different to clap our hands as a praise offering?
3. My wife and I have been searching for a church for quite a while, but we differ in the kind of music we like. She likes more praise and worship music, and I like the traditional hymns. I wonder why there can’t be more of a blend of them.
4. Is it bad for women to wear pants?  My pastor says that in the Bible it says something about it-that women and men shouldn’t dress alike.
5. I have always questioned the connection that I’ve heard of Jesus as King David’s descendant when it is through Joseph that they make that connection, and Joseph was, in reality, Jesus’ stepfather, so there is no blood connection between Jesus and King David as was prophesied.  Can you please clear this up for me?
6. If you can’t give your 10%, but you give what you can, is that pleasing to God? Where did you get 10% from? I know it is in the Old Testament but we are not under the old law.  What am I supposed to do?
7. Your testimony is amazing and very inspiring. Have you ever thought of writing a book? I bet if you did write a book, it would be made into a movie.
8. I want to know if Jesus was pierced through his hands or his wrists.  I know the Bible says “His hands were pierced,”but I was thinking that in the ancient text the word for “hand” may have meant “wrist” as well.  What is your take?
Week 34 with Pastor Davis
Questions Being Answered This Week
1. The Bible says that the Jews are God’s chosen people.  It also says that the only way to be saved is belief in Jesus and who He is and what He did on the cross for us.  When a true Jew dies that does not believe in Jesus as the savior, do they go to hell as all other unsaved people because they have rejected Jesus?
2. Why are women in your church not required to wear a head covering like it says so in 1 Corinthians 11?
3. Could you relate to us your experience of when you were baptized in the Holy Spirit?
4. Is there a reason that you do not address the current President of the U.S. as “President Obama” instead of just “Obama,” and does not the Bible teach us to pray for our leaders? Why has Cornerstone Church not prayed for our current leaders in office as it has done for the past leaders?
5. I have recently found out that a couple is divorcing after over 20 years of marriage. They are an older couple and had both been divorced before they married each other. Both divorces were for non-biblical reasons and the former spouses are still alive. The husband wants to divorce the wife because he now feels that they have been living in sin the entire time they have been married and will not go to heaven if they stay married to each other. I have read the what the scriptures say about this, but I do not believe I have ever heard of anyone getting divorced for this reason. Have you ever heard of this happening and can you help me understand it?
6. How can I feel confident about talking to God?
Week 33 with Pastor Davis
Questions Being Answered This Week
1. Why can you not find a cross anywhere in your church? I love your church, but I can not get this out of my head. Maybe it should not bother me, but it does.
2. When you speak about the 7 seals, is that something that us Christians, the ones that have lived the way of the Lord, will have to go through?
3. It says in the Bible that a man’s days are ordained/numbered before he even lives one of them (Psalm 139:16). Does this mean, then, that no one dies before they are intended to? How do abortions or the holocaust factor into this theology? Surely God did not ordain an aborted fetus’ days to be zero, or does He?
4. My husband and I divorced last year because of his affair, and a child was conceived. He moved to Thailand to be with them. He is now back and has no where to go. I am a Christian, he is not. I do not believe he should be here. How can I move on with him back here? Do I tell him to leave knowing he has no where to go?
5. What steps should I take to learn how to witness to people? What do you recommend new Christians do to learn how to share their faith in Christ?
6. Is being on jury duty judgmentally “wrong”…since God is to be the ONLY TRUE judge? How about being a judge or a lawyer? Also: Are there any “requirements” for being in the counseling ministry?


Week 32 with Pastor Davis

Questions Being Answered This Week
1. I am unemployed and have nothing to give. So when my father gave his tithe, he took part of it and gave it to me, making his tithe less than 10%. Should what was given to me from my father be replenished to complete his 10%?
2. Can you explain why there are three different versions (Luke 24, Matthew 28, and John 20) of how the stone was moved and who was outside the tomb after Christ’s resurrection?
3. We know as Christians that we should be generous in our giving to others who need our help, but my wife and I have a friend who seems more needy than most.  Daily she asks for something from us.  How do we stop this gently and without looking selfish?
4. Is it worth continuing a marriage if there is unforgiveness in it on both parts?
5. The Bible talks about demon possession, but what is demon oppression? How do each affect a person? How can you tell the difference?


Week 31 with Pastor Davis

Questions Being Answered This Week
1. Do you feel God could bless a relationship that began as an affair? Both parties came forward with the truth – repented of sins – both have left their past failed marriages. Could God bless this relationship?
2. I am withdrawing a retirement I have from a previous employment to pay off some bills. I had already decided to give the Church a gift, but realized I may ought to pay tithe on it. Should I?
3. Why does an all knowing, all loving God permit people into existence knowing that they will go to hell?
4. Do you have any tattoos? If so, what are they?
5. I have a great concern for all the Bible translations we have available to us now.  What translations can we trust, other than the KJV, which is not the easiest to read for myself or my children?
6. Why do you suppose the scripture says that David did not ascended to heaven (Acts 2:34). I would have thought if anyone was in heaven it would be David.


Week 30 with Pastor Davis

Questions Being Answered This Week
1. What is your view or the church’s view on things like ghosts, hauntings and spirits?
2. Matt. 5:15-17 talks about correcting another believer. Can you tell me how to specifically address another believer who has fallen under false teaching?
3. Where is it mentioned in the Bible about being slain in the Spirit? What is it? Why do some receive it and others don’t? Is it always the power of the Spirit or at times a human act?
4. I am struggling with being a faithful Christian and helping others/forgiving/not judging, but where do I draw the line and use some tough love?
5. I was wondering if we are to tithe from our income tax return?
6. Should Christians abstain from freemasonry, or is it ok to be involved in a local lodge?


Week 29 with Pastor Davis

Questions Being Answered This Week
1. What are your thoughts on paying tithes on inheritance money?
2. I would like to know if you have ever sought out the son of the woman that you killed in your younger days to ask his forgiveness.
3. I know that I’m supposed to tithe 10% of my income but what about child support or money that is given to me for help or support?
4. My children are not in my custody and the only time they go to Church or are involved in a Christian lifestyle in any way is every weekend when they are with me. How do I make sure that they stay on the right track and do not fall into the hell I lived for majority of my life? They seem like they are growing distant from me because of how strictly I discipline them (I don’t let them get away with anything) so, should I pull back with the discipline?
5. Why are you dissing and being disrespectful toward our President Barack Obama? I always thought we were commanded to lift up our leaders in prayers whether we agree with them or not.
6. The Old Testament Law forbids the drinking of blood and eating of human flesh. Therefore, why did Jesus use the phrase “He who eats my flesh and drinks my blood” when talking to his disciples about His death.


Week 28 with Pastor Davis

Questions Being Answered This Week
1. Most of the names given in the Bible such as Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John are English names. Where would one find the real names of the people in the Bible?
2. I have a girlfriend that I met on an online site. The other day she found that I was still a member to two other dating sites. She broke up with me because she says that she can’t trust me anymore. Is there anything I can do to win her back?
3. I have never seen you anoint with oil for healing. Why don’t we practice this at our church?
4. I would like to know why you do not pray for Haiti after what happened there and why you talk bad about Haiti and the people of Haiti after the earthquake happened. You said that the earthquake happened because we do not believe in God and we practice voodoo, and the earthquake happened because God is punishing Haiti and the people of Haiti. When 911 happened was God punishing America?
5. With the continued attack against Christianity from the left wing liberals, liberals in general, and just plain atheists, why are Christians not being bold and standing up to these attacks by filing counter lawsuits or speaking back/up? What should Christians be doing to stop what’s happening?


Week 27 with Pastor Davis

Questions Being Answered This Week
1. What Bible do you recommend best to study the Bible? I was considering the Dake’s Study Bible, but I wanted to know what other Bibles you would recommend.
2. I’ve been listening to several of your sermons and toward the end of the sermons, there is usually a request for hands of those who would like prayer about the topic of the sermon. Then, the MDM theme music comes on and it’s the end of the cd. Can you leave the prayer on the CD?
3. Can we get 2-ply toilet paper at the church? You have to use twice as much of the 1-ply, so it isn’t a savings!
4. Reference is Psalm 139:8. David ssys “If I make my bed in hell, behold, You are there.” Isn’t hell the absence of God?
5. Don’t you think that if the schools and government offices are closed on Martin Luther King Day out of respect, our church offices should also be closed in remembrance for the civil rights leader?
6. When our loved ones pass, you always hear people say, “They are watching over us in heaven.” What is your take on that? I have not been able to find anything to support that in scripture.


Week 26 with Pastor Davis

Questions Being Answered This Week
1. I am having a problem with understanding where we go at the moment of death. I have always been taught that we go to heaven or hell but studying the bible , it does not say that but that we will rest until the rapture, when Christ comes in the clouds to get us. Can you please tell me your views about this subject?
2. Do you think it’s bad for a parent to tell their child that Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and/or the Tooth Fairy is real?
3. How can you trust your spouse again after two infidelities? I want out of the marriage, he wants to stay. Am I obligated to stay by scripture?
4. Is it a sin to drink wine? Not to point where you are drunk.
5. What does the Bible say about cremation? Is it okay to do this rather than burying the dead?
6. What happens to natives living deep in the jungles (and people elsewhere) who never hear the gospel. How will God provide for their salvation?


Week 25 with Pastor Davis

Questions Being Answered This Week
1. Why are we known as a church that believes in immigration but also should assimilate into our culture, start a Hispanic speaking church that is segregated from our church?
2. When your married and your loved one dies and goes to heaven and then you die and go to heaven…Will you still be married to that person and still be together and can you get married in heaven?
3. We give our tithe on the first Sunday of each month because we are receiving our income once a month on the 1st. Should I be dividing our monthly total by the number of times I am in church each month so that I am giving something every time?
4. Can you explain why deja vu happens? Is there a spiritual explanation for it? If it happens to you…is it a bad thing?
5. I’ve had people tell me that there is a “special grace” for single parents. Is this true? If so, what scripture backs it up?


Week 24 with Pastor Davis

Questions Being Answered This Week
1. I’ve noticed frequently when a pastor lays hands in prayer for someone, the person receiving prayer falls to the floor and is covered with a cloth. Could you explain what is occurring?
2. I was talking to someone today who told me that lots of people think that Eve really didn’t eat an apple in the Garden of Eden but instead had sex with the devil! Is this true?
3. Do you believe that Mormons are Christians? What is your view on Mormonism?
4. My cousin took her life, and I went to the funeral and they said she had been saved so she went to heaven. I have wondered about that. What does the bible say about it?
5. I was “sprinkled” in the Methodist church as an infant but want to be immersed in baptism at Cornerstone. Please tell me what is involved in that.


Week 22 with Pastor Davis

Questions Being Answered This Week
1. How frequently do you think a disciple should fast? Should it be as the Spirit leads or on a regular basis? Have you considered having another corporate fast like we did some years ago at Cornerstone?
2. After much study, it is clear to me that powerful Jews and traitorous Gentiles were behind 9/11, a classic false flag operation that the Israelis are so well known for. To blame Muslims for it so that the massive military machine of the United States could be unleashed upon the enemies of Israel in an unending water on terror. What do you think?
3. Could you help me understand what voodoo is?
4. What is with the orange cone on top of that marker thing by the front doors? Are we not supposed to walk on it? Is it fragile? Is it sacred? Is it a time capsule?
5. I believe that the tithe goes into the general fund and offerings may be designated. Is this accurate? Secondly, I have been hearing about first fruits and wonder how this applies to me. Are there guidelines on when, and how much, first fruits offerings are appropriate?


Week 21 with Pastor Davis

Questions Being Answered This Week
1. Can you explain why you don’t believe in the statement “Once saved, always saved?”
2. If someone that is an adulterer does not go to heaven does that mean that people who are divorced and re-married do not go to heaven?
3. When is judgement day?
4. If my spouse who does not live as a Christian even though he confesses to be one, files for divorce or if I file for divorce and I eventually date and re-marry would that make me an adulterer?
5. In the cases of people who have severe retardation or are mentally handicapped how are we to witness to them and how are they able to understand?


Week 20 with Pastor Davis

Questions Being Answered This Week
1. I wondered why you felt it necessary to say in your sermon on Nov. 15 that Obama’s god was socialism?
2. Will you please direct me to the scriptures that speaks of humans being above the angels?
3. I need advice regarding my teenage son. He is 17 and acts like he has no common sense. He has started using drugs, smoking, cussing, very disrespectful.
4. What would be the youngest a child could receive baptism in water?
5. I have often wondered if we are to also tithe our income from things like yard sales, consignment sales, sales on craigslist or ebay, and the sale of a house or car?


Week 19 with Pastor Davis

Questions Being Answered This Week
1. (I Cor 1:10 )In view of this admonition from the Spirit, how can we justify the hundreds of myriad sects and denominations all teaching different versions of the doctrines of men and claiming it is from the Word of God?
2. Is cremation an acceptable option in the Christian faith?
3. How do you explain to someone with a Church of Christ background or any background, why it is OK for women to preach and teach?
4. My twin sister committed suicide. Is there hope for her to go to heaven?
5. Though my family and I have everything we need, is it a sign that God is displeased in some way if we seem to have one bad luck event after another?


Week 18 with Pastor Davis

Questions Being Answered This Week
1. I have a friend that uses “Oracle Angel Reading Cards” Can you tell me anything about them if it is right or not?
2. Listened to your answer about the microchip. Do you think that this chip is in connection with the “mark of the beast” as I have heard it been talked about. Should Christians be concerned for that reason about the chip? Should Christians refuse the chip if it comes to that choice?
3. After watching preachers on TBN, I wonder, is it really possible for the preachers there to have a vision every week that they have heard God telling them that a certain number of people need to sow a seed of faith….1000 people $10,000 and so on?
4. Does the Bible give any clues and evidence of a third Jewish Temple in Jerusalem? Will it be built by the Messiah, or the anti-christ, posing as the Messiah?
5. Do aborted babies go to Heaven if the mother isn’t saved?
6. In the Bible Jesus healed many people with afflictions such as blindness, lameness, deafness, convulsions, etc. that were caused by demons/demon possession. We still have these afflictions with us today. Are these still caused by demons or just a byproduct of living in a fallen world or both? If both, how can we tell the difference?


Week 17 with Pastor Davis

Questions Being Answered This Week
1. The Bible tells us to anoint with oil and pray for healing. Why don’t we practice this in our church?
2. Is it wrong for Christians to watch Harry Potter/Twilight type movies and TV programs such as Wizard of Waverly Place(kids show)?
3. Sometimes when I’m praying in tongues I’ve had the experience of singing in tongues I know is a Heavenly Song but I don’t know what I’m saying but I do feel Peace and Joy, is it possible that it’s just me doing it? or am I right and is it from Heaven?
4. I received money and gift cards this year for Christmas, and I was not for sure if I was suppose to pay tithes on it?
5. Would it be possible at the church for people who love and want to seek the LORD to have a special place to come all week and pray with prayer monitors?
6. My finance and I are both Christians. We are living together but not married yet. Will God still bless us if we are following him and trying to do right even though we are not married yet?


Week 16 with Pastor Davis

Questions Being Answered This Week
1. I have heard that the US is no longer considered a Christian Nation. Is this true? If so, what can we do to turn our nation back to God?
2. You have said to go to my Pastor if i have life changing events to seek counsel with him. Are you my Pastor, or am I to go to one of the other pastors on staff?
3. You have said that when you met Gail you knew that you were going to marry her because God told you… My question is, does God sometimes tell/show people who they are going to mary or is it just us making it up?
4. How do you become a evangelist?
5. In the Lord’s Prayer, it says “…lead us not into temptation BUT deliver us from evil…” Why is BUT used and not AND? I am having trouble with the meaning of the phrase.
6. Matt 18:18 talks about binding and loosing. I understand that to mean that heaven backs us up when we pray. Can I bind a foul spirit (i.e. spirit of deception) working in someone’s life? If so, how “long” is the spirit bound when I pray this? Is it something I pray for daily or when I bind the spirit is it a one time prayer? If I bind the spirit can the spirit get “unbound” by the person making bad choices and thus allowing evil to continue to operate in their lives?


Week 15 with Pastor Davis

Questions Being Answered This Week
1. My husband and I had been divorced and now he has accepted Jesus as his personal Savior. Am I required to take him back just because I had continued to pray for him after our divorce even if I no longer am in love with him?
2. Could you advise me of any scripture that refutes the doctrine of “Once saved always saved?”
3. Does Cornerstone support Israel as instructed to do in the bible? If not, why?
4. Why does Cornerstone church use white buckets for the offering instead of the traditional offering plates?
5. Wine is an alcoholic drink, so if I drink wine does that make me an alcoholic?
6. What is the most difficult/discouraging part of your job? What is the most enjoyable/fulfilling part of your job?


Week 14 with Pastor Davis

Questions Being Answered This Week
1. What are your thoughts on the “Word of Faith” movement. There are many in the Christian community who see this teaching as unbiblical. Is positive confession and “Name and Claim” valid biblical teachings.
2. I attended your House of Hell service as a first time visitor. The environment at the time of your alter call was very much like the setting of Peter’s sermon on Pentecost when the Jews were pricked in their hearts and asked, “what must we do?” Peter’s answer in Acts 2:38 was very specific. Can you explain why you consider your, “Prayer of salvation” to be an acceptable substitute for Peter’s command when he spoke, “As the Holy Spirit gave him utterance?”
3. Are there demons waking this earth in human form?
4. What would be the best way to deal with illegal immigrants?
5. Would you please site the references that you have as to the 3 times a Muslim is allowed to tell a lie? What book/books would you recommend reading that would assist a Christian in witnessing to a Muslim family?
6. Are their any scriptural references to animals (pets) in Heaven?


Week 13 with Pastor Davis

Questions Being Answered This Week
1. What is the difference between sins and trespasses? There were sin offerings and trespass offerings in the OT. The Lord’s Prayer – forgive us our trespasses…..we always say, Jesus died for our sins.
2. What are your feelings about cremation? Is it Biblical or not to be cremated?
3. How do you reconcile “deliberate” sin after accepting salvation?
4. What do you say to someone who has been standing in faith for a healing that hasn’t manifested and wants to know why it’s taking so long? How do you encourage them to keep believing and not get frustrated, even if it’s been several years?
5. I have a family member who is a constant complainer, negative, and even malicious at times when speaking to others. Is a person really a Christian when they speaks arrogantly and with such intentional motive at times to hurt others? They don’t have the attributes of a Christian showing the fruit of the Spirit?


Week 12 with Pastor Davis

Questions Being Answered This Week
1. Is it ok to seek medical treatment for fertility issues?
2. My daughter is married with two young sons and they live with her mother-in-law. Her husband and mother-in-law both smoke marijuana in the home and my daughter and her husband argue constantly. Should my daughter stay in this situation?
3. Have you heard about Motorola mass producing a microchip to be implanted into humans?
4. I am divorced, not for adultery, and getting remarried. Does that mean that I will be living in sin? If so, what do I do about that? If I repent will I still be in sin?
5. What is your belief on preparing for survival in the upcoming changes in our country. Is the church, as a whole, preparing with food storage, or in other ways outside of continual spiritual preparation and growth?


Week 11 with Pastor Davis

Questions Being Answered This Week
1. If you do someone wrong and apologize and are genuine about your apology, what happens if that person does not accept your apology?
2. Numbers 15:30-31 — Does this mean that this specific sin can not be atoned for threw the blood of Jesus Christ? And can deliberate, premeditated sins be forgiven if afterwards one is truly sorry?
3. My husband and I are not getting along well at all. I gave my life back to God, repented, and now I have turned around. I need help. Please pray for me and my family and give me some scriptures to read. I just don’t know what to do. I’m tired of trying to please him and not God.
4. What is the purpose of fasting?
5. Do aborted babies go to heaven automatically? Or because they’re mother wasn’t saved were they doomed to hell before given a chance at life?


Week 10 with Pastor Davis

Questions Being Answered This Week
1. Do you believe on the philosophy of the age of accountibility? Do dead babies and children go to heaven or hell – or does it depend on faith of parents?
2. How can I can find out if it’s the Holy Spirit talking to me/guiding me, or if it’s the devil or just my attitude?
3. Where do cavemen and dinosaurs fit in the timeline of the Bible? Did the flood wipe them out or were they extinct before the Bible was written?
4. Throughout the time of man they’re have been people who lived their entire life never hearing the first thing about Christ. Did they go to hell for not believing something they never heard or is there any kind of grace for them?
5. When Cain killed Able in Genesis, Cain was marked for protection by God from all of the other people who would hurt him when they found out what he did. Who were these other people and where did they come from?


Week 9 with Pastor Davis

Questions Being Answered This Week
1. God forgives us when we repent and ask for forgiveness every time, but what happens if we can’t forgive ourselves?
2. Can you lose your salvation? If so, how can you ever get it back again, even if you commit the unpardonable sin?
3. What is your opinion of “water witching” or “dowsing?” Is this occultic?
4. Were the Toronto Blessing and Brownsville revivals examples of biblical revivals? How can we tell the difference between real encounters of the Holy Spirit and ones that are mere performance?
5. Can our family members and friends that have passed, see and hear us here on earth? If Heaven has no pain or sorrow-doesn’t it cause pain to see their loved ones suffering in the world?


Week 8 with Pastor Davis

Questions Being Answered This Week
1. Have we ever considered letting the youth run the service for a day?
2. If you are saved will the sins you’ve committed or the people you have wronged be brought up in judgement when you die or are they forgotten?
3. Malachi 4 & Matthew 13 seem to be in conflict with one other in regards to pre or post rapture… How can that be?
4. I felt like the Lord spoke to me that I was a ‘sword carrier’. What does it mean for me to be a sword carrier?
5. My wife is not civil to me and she refuses to be submissive. Is it God’s will for me to stay with her because that’s the only reason I’m still here.
6. Will you explain the differences between all the versions of the Bible and which is most accurate for my study purposes?


Week 7 with Pastor Davis

Questions Being Answered This Week
1. I lost my husband this year and I’ve been so down and out and the only thing keeping me going is my kids… How do I cope?
2. Is it wrong to turn away from your family because of a celebration about a homosexual relationship?
3. Can you clarify “once saved” vs. “loss of salvation”?
4. Can you give me any tips on convincing my husband to pray with me and accept his role as the head in our home without it coming across as nagging?


Week 6 with Pastor Davis

Questions Being Answered This Week
1. How do you control your anger toward someone you’re close to without coming across like a jerk when they are wrong?
2. How does someone go from having great faith to thinking God is not there for them and can you get back on track if that occurs, if so how?
3. Does the Bible support Capitalism?
4. Do I need to be re-baptized since it’s been so long since I have been living right?
5. How do you help somebody with addictions and how do you help yourself? Is there a program recommended for these addictions?
6. Is it possible to speak in tongues and interpret what was spoken? If so where in the bible can I find the answer?


Week 5 with Pastor Davis

Questions Being Answered This Week
1. How do you know when a person speaks in tongues, if it’s a true word from God? Does the Cornerstone only recognize certain people that give a word in service?
2. Why does the parking lot team block off certain parking spaces with cones?
3. Can you share and wisdom/insight regarding this epidemic as well as your thoughts on the flu shot?
4. Once saved, always saved? Can a Christian lose their salvation?


Week 4 with Pastor Davis

Questions Answered
1. How do I help my friend who is depressed about business and money?
2. How do you back-up, with scripture, that you shouldn’t hop from church to church?
3. Can you tell me more about fasting?
4. Can you explain more about the city of New Jerusalem coming down to earth?
5. Can you clarify 1 Peter 9:13–Is it saying that Jesus preached to those who died while in Hades?


Week 3 with Pastor Davis

Questions Answered
1. How did Old Testament saints put their faith in the future coming of the Messiah?
2. Why do you not allow children under two years of age in the Sanctuary?
3. What should every Christian be equipped with?
4. How does someone know if they have a word from the Holy Spirit?
5. What incentive do I have to do the ‘right thing’ if it costs me the desires of my heart?


Week 2 with Pastor Davis

Questions Answered
1. I’m a new Christian and my daughter, now 18, is living with her grandparents and dating a non-Christian. She is becoming very disrespectful will not listen to me about God–Any advice?
2. Is it still Biblical to support the current nation of Israel?
3. Can you tell me more about Paradise?


Week 1 with Pastor Davis

Questions Answered
1. How can I change my friends perspective that church is boring?
2. How do you respond to someone that is confused because there are so many religions, and they don’t know what is right?
3. Do you think salvation is a choice or something that God does when He is ready?