This Week with Pastor Davis

Questions Being Answered This Week
1. Is it imperative to go to church? Is this a directive from God?
2. In your message today about Balaam, you made the statement that God will change a person’s will to accomplish His will/word.  My question is if I am praying the word over a person is the word going to work, even if that person’s will is to go against it?
3. I am 20 years old and to say I have been through a lot in life is an understatement. I heard the Lord’s voice. He spoke to me, told me to get closer to Him and I will be safe. The only problem is that I am so overwhelmed. I do not know what church to go to? I need advice and would love if you helped!
4. One of my friend’s family members was arrested for molesting a child. They have also learned that this family member has molested at least 20 other children in another state. I was wondering how I can minister best to my friend and his family? How can I help get them into our church, without offending them, so they can a find a place where they are accepted even though they are in such a terrible mess.
5. If God asked you to give up your life in the pastoral limelight of a megachurch to serve humbly in a small, out of the way place like Crosby, ND, could you do it?

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